Herbal Drink and Topical Cream "DYNAMIC DUO" Successfully Used to Fight Diabetes Epidemic


Montebello, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- A new herbal drink that combines potent nutrients and a topical cream are being used to fight diabetes with many reports of success. The double treatment called “Dymanic Duo” helps better regulate blood glucose levels and includes a topical treatment for external skin complications.

This development comes as new studies point to a diabetes epidemic. The American Diabetes Association estimates there are nearly 26 million people with diabetes, and an additional 79 million with prediabetes, putting them at high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. In response to these statistics, Sergio Quinones, president of Withrow Pharmaceutical™, has announced the introduction of the Diabetes “Dynamic Duo.”

The Diabetes “Dynamic Duo” is the best of both worlds: An herbal drink that The first part of the “Duo”, Cactus Plus Diabetes Drink, is an herbal blend of six Botanical ingredients, Cinnamon Extract, Fenugreek Extract, Nopal Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, and Bitter Melon Extract that helps the body to better regulate blood glucose and decrease complications of Type II Diabetes, in combination with maintaining an ideal weight and a healthy life style.

The second part of the “Duo”, Diabetes Healing Cream, is a scientifically formulated moisturizing cream that can play a constructive role along with patients’ vigilance and better medical care to help curb diabetes-related foot complications. Diabetes Healing Cream contains Vitamin C, E, A & D, six Botanical Extracts, Niacinamide, Urea, and Triclosan that provides antibacterial protection for the feet, heels, elbows and knees and fights foot odors.

See the video here: http://youtu.be/AYwT6b5XJ9c

Withrow Pharmaceutical™ is taking the lead in preventing and combating diabetes. Sergio Quinones, president of the company, is a leading proponent for prescribing preventive care for individuals who are in high risk groups, namely, Latinos, African Americans and Pacific Islanders. According to an article published in the Los Angeles Times “the numbers, and the disparities, are likely to grow. The proportion of Americans with diabetes - now 8% - is expected to double in a decade because of obesity among young people. “Withrow Pharmaceutical™ has a long history of researching and developing unique formulations to help the community stay healthy through the use of natural ingredients.

All raw materials are assayed before use and manufactured formulas are tested and continuously kept up-to-date. Withrow Pharmaceutical™ products are made in the U.S.A.

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