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Herbs Cell Nutrition Now Offering Liver Dtox Plus for Optimal Liver Health


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- According to the American Liver Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic liver diseases, including cirrhosis, are common and frequently lead to death. They estimate that 31,000 people die in America each year from cirrhosis alone. Another 2.7 to 3.9 million Americans are chronically infected with hepatitis C and approximately 12,000 die every year from this disease. Adam Woods, media contact for Herbs Cell Nutrition, states that years of alcohol abuse, unhealthy diets and prescription medication use may be wiped out with the help of nature's most powerful ingredients.

The liver is the largest gland of the body and performs over 500 functions. "Millions of American men suffer from some form of liver problem. With Liver Dtox Plus, the liver is revitalized and revived. All ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure one gets the maximum benefits of healthy liver functioning without the harmful side effects of many prescription drugs," Mr. Woods goes on to say. "When the liver is functioning properly, the human body is able to work at full potential. Maintaining balanced blood sugar levels is easier, health weight loss is promoted and accelerated aging is halted. The beneficial health effects are numerous. This product is excellent for anyone wishing to learn how to detoxify liver functions."

Ingredients found in Liver Dtox Plus include ashwagandha extract which strengthens the immune system, yellow dock extract which acts as a powerful detoxifying agent and glutathione which prevents liver disease. It also includes milk thistle for liver function as milk thistle extract stimulates regenerative properties. Artichoke extract, turmeric extract and dandelion extract are three other ingredients found in Liver Dtox Plus along with phyllanthus urinaria L extract which ensures maximum liver protection.

"Anyone wishing to learn how to cleanse liver toxins need look no further than Liver Dtox Plus," Mr. Woods continues. "Use of this product revitalizes the overworked liver quickly and naturally. When you use this product, blood circulation is promoted, blood is purified and phlegm is reduced. The aging process is delayed, blood sugar levels are regulated and reduced and the liver is protected. These are just a few of the benefits customers will see with use of our product."

Liver Dtox Plus comes with a 90 day, no-stings attached, money back guarantee. "We want to ensure our customer's satisfaction at all times. In addition to receiving your Liver Dtox Plus, we also send five bonus items. Our goal is to promote good health throughout the body, not just in the liver. The bonus products include Conquer Backpain, Fitness: The Guide to Staying Healthy and Lowering Your Cholesterol," Mr. Woods says. "We want our customers to be in good health at all times."

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