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Herbs Cell Nutrition Offers Natural Product to Eliminate Hypertension


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- Recent statistics released by the Center for Disease Control state the percentage of adults ages 20 and over with hypertension is 31.9%. This is an alarmingly high number, according to Willie Walter, owner of Herbs Cell Nutrition.

"High Blood Pressure is a warning sign before a heart attack. If nothing is done to lower your high blood pressure, then you could be on the brink of imminent strokes and heart attacks," says Walter. 73% of people with high blood pressure are also currently taking medication for it, according to the CDC. But using pharmaceutical medicines as an answer to how to quickly lower your blood pressure also worries Walter. "If you've had hypertension for any length of time, this is the point where you start muttering under your breath about the useless medical solutions and their horrible side effects and wondering how to lower high blood pressure a more natural way."

Walter points out that many hypertension medications have side effects that make them hardly worth taking. Says Walter, "About five years ago, I began noticing that I rarely could lower my blood pressure with drugs prescribed by doctors and my blood pressure readings were becoming increasingly out of control. My blood pressure was constantly above 170/100 I fainted several times due to extremely high blood pressure and I have tried virtually all brands of hypertension drugs in the market. A few did give me the desired effect, but I had to live with major side effects including headaches, indigestion and heart palpitations."

So, the answer for Walter became a natural one, literally. "I've always wanted to know how to treat hypertension naturally. I have found that the natural remedies are tried and true. They have worked safely for me and our customers within months, and without any drugs or side effects. They are safe, and have absolutely no side effects. There really is no good reason for you to take drugs when you can be cured using a natural remedy. Most doctors will not tell you about these natural remedies, because natural remedies are not taught in medical school." His natural remedy of choice? Detorex.

Walter explains, "Detorex is the wonderful result from a meticulous and successful scientific research study lead by an American scientist. Combining precious Chinese herbal medicine essences, optimizing warranted and patented technology, the most unique and exclusive secret formula in the market was born. Do not expect your blood pressure to become normal tomorrow after using Detorex, but be assured that within 30 - 90 days after using Detorex, you'll see improvement and your symptoms will gradually go away."

While Walter can't guarantee results, he does say, "I'm not going to try and trick you into believing that Detorex will work for for 100% of the people out there, but even drugs don't work for everyone, every time. What I do know, is that Detorex has worked exceeding well in many circumstances, it's 100% safe to consume, and as high as 91% of all customers are satisfied with the result produced by Detorex.

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