Herceptin Patent Expiry to Pave Way for Breast Cancer Generics

The expiry of patent protection for many blockbuster cancer drugs in the near future is expected to provide a much needed thrust to the generic market, says RNCOS.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Herceptin, the breast cancer drug will face patent expiration in 2014 and 2019 for Europe and US respectively. With regard to this, many generic manufacturers plan to acquire a significant share of Herceptin’s market. Several companies including Amgen, Pfizer and Novartis have already joined the race to develop a generic version of Herceptin. Similarly, many of the world’s largest selling cancer drugs are scheduled to lose patent protection in the coming years. This will allow the generic manufacturers to replicate and sell the product at cheaper prices.

According to our latest research report “Cancer Generics Market Outlook 2017”, this market for cancer generics is expected to grow at 13%, reaching US$ 19 Billion by 2017. Factors like increasing life expectancy and high incidence of cancer are bound to act as major growth drivers.

The report provides an insight to the various parameters associated with Cancer Generics. It focuses on the trends and drivers instrumental in shaping the market, evaluating the role and impact of each driver. Also covered is the segmentation of the generics market by disease types, with emphasis on current and future incidence, regional analysis and the various generic treatment options available.

It also contains an exhaustive study of the various generics available in the market. The detailed study of each drug comprises of functional domain, price analysis of the branded and generic drug, and its generic manufacturers. Also included are the recent developments of generic players in terms of FDA clearances, mergers and acquisitions that may help clients to assess the competitive environment.

Players dealing in generics seem to have remunerative opportunity ahead. Through our study we have provided many such growth opportunities in cancer generics market which may assist such players in crucial decision making.

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