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Here We Go Again: Renowned Therapist's New Book Exposes Seven Issues That Breed Unfulfilling & Destructive Relationships

Written by a Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist and Sex Therapist ‘Here We Go Again’ uses humor, cartoons and the author’s own experiences to explain how relationships are a product of each individual’s unresolved issues from the past. By identifying the seven dominant issues and using the coping skills provided, readers from all walks of life can have the tools through which responses to one’s-self and reactions to others can be improved.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- A compelling new book by a California therapist shows that responses and interactions with others can be greatly improved by the use of coping skills and insights.

Decades of experience by June Stoelzel, who has worked in clinics, hospitals and private practice, is now condensed into information that is incredibly easy to understand. Fused with the author’s own cartoons, experiences and humor, ‘Here We Go Again’ is a highly-relatable read for all.


We all experience situations and people that push our buttons and cause us to over-react. HERE WE GO AGAIN addresses the effects of those ongoing behaviors that are a result of unresolved issues from our past that continue to impact our relationships. The book clarifies the 7 main issues. There are work sheets which include the use of coping skills, questions to ask a potential partner, how to negotiate relationship rules, communication skills, parenting skills, and increasing emotional intelligence.

The exercises facilitate the reader to:

1. Gain clarity, identify possible choices for reactions and behavior.
2. Provide coping skills for effectively dealing with children and adults.
3. Provide information in assessing potential partners.
4. Improve communication skills.
5. Identify and deal with sexual issues.

The book is written with humor and cartoons, and personal experiences while presenting a psychological essence of most relationship difficulties. Sexual case studies are included.

“Guilt, trust, anger, control, intimacy abandonment and rejection from our past has a dramatic effect on how we control our interpersonal relationships well into the present and future,” explains Stoelzel. “We often over-react but, by developing coping skills such as those my book walks you through, we can approach each interaction more calmly and change who we deal with and how we deal with them.”

Continuing, “This isn’t new; I’ve been practicing this model with thousands of clients for many years. Many of my clients derail every relationship they form – both professionally and personally. By putting my model in place they have been able to grow into people that prosper in every relationship they choose to develop,”

Reviews for the book have been extremely positive. For example, N. Morgan comments, “This book surprised me, it spoke to what was happening in my relationship with my husband. He was able to identify some of his intimacy issues and we continue to work on them today. The book made is easy to talk about due to the humor and honesty.”

‘Here We Go Again’, published by Motivational Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/1pWMYmO.

About June Simon Stoelzel LMFT
June Simon Stoelzel LMFT is licensed in California since 1985. Work experience has been at hospitals, Out Patient Behavioral Health Clinics, Intensive Casework Division of 2 Welfare departments, Abused Women's Center, Inner City Boys Club in Milwaukee, and private practice. Providing sex therapy facilitated in formulating the necessity in distinguishing issues and the necessity for coping skills that help to diminish difficult feelings. These 7 basic issues are, essentially, the underlying causes of our over-reactions, fears, and inability to function in an adaptive, healthy manner.