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Herpes Cure Breakthrough - a New Resource for Herpes Sufferers is a new resource providing a range of information about herpes, herpes treatments, and living with herpes. The website has a particular focus on natural medicine and alternative treatments, reviewing many lesser known treatments for herpes conditions with evidence for their effectiveness or otherwise.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- Although herpes is considered a minor medical condition, it may be painful and disruptive – and the social stigma and effect on romantic relationships can be devastating. Adding to the problems, it can be hard for a herpes sufferer to know where to turn for information about this condition.

To overcome this information gap a new website, Herpes Cure Breakthrough, has just been launched, with a particular focus on alternative natural treatments for herpes.

Herpes is caused by a virus, Herpes Simplex, which is most commonly HSV-1 (oral herpes) or HSV-2 (genital herpes). Both are more widespread than most people realise – the CDC estimates that one in every 6 people is infected with genital herpes – since the herpes virus can remain dormant in the nerve cells for years with no symptoms.

This dormancy make HSV very difficult to get rid of, as anti-viral drugs are not able to reach it. Nevertheless, not everyone accepts that there is no cure, and there is strong research backing for the effectiveness of some of the alternative treatments for herpes.

The new website looks at a number of different treatments and how they might be used. These treatments include the use of nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, and non-pharmaceutical anti-viral treatments.

As well as an in-depth look at treatments and supporting research or clinical evidence, the website provides help for the psychological and emotional effects of a herpes infection.

It also includes a section on living with herpes and its effect on romantic relationships, and how to approach this, with information on herpes dating sites and issues that need to be discussed and considered with a partner.

So is there really a need for a new website for herpes information?

Belinda Greenwood, one of the founders of the new Herpes Cure Breakthrough website, had this to say:

“Most of the medical information about herpes treatment comes from the pharmaceutical companies, who are generally not interested in supporting any research on any treatments that can't be patented, since that is where their profits come from.

“We wanted to provide a resource to empower people by giving them information about these alternative treatments for herpes.

“It's true that herpes is a relatively minor condition, compared with HIV for example. But there can be serious complications such as meningitis, and increased risk of contracting other STDs. If nothing else, herpes puts a load on the immune system and attacks your general health and well-being. Herpes can be painful, and make your life miserable in so many ways. People need this information, and we wanted to put it out there and make it available to the newly diagnosed herpes sufferer so that they understand that they have more options than their doctor has suggested.

“Even if we just help someone reduce the breakouts, that can be a good result for that person.”

About Herpes Cure Breakthrough
The website Herpes Cure Breakthrough has just been launched as an innovative complete resource for herpes sufferers.

To find out more about some of the less known but highly effective treatments for herpes, visit the website here:

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