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Herpes Cure Breakthrough Brings New Hope to Herpes Sufferers

A new herpes treatment protocol using proven natural anti-viral agents in a specific combination may be the herpes cure breakthrough needed by millions of herpes sufferers.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- For the many despairing people who have been told there is no cure for herpes, the news of a herpes cure breakthrough will come as a welcome surprise.

This new herpes treatment protocol was developed by a medical doctor in England, following different lines of scientific research, and it's had proven success in treating over 7,500 herpes victims to date. The protocol has now been released in a report by health writer Melanie Addington – and it's designed as a user manual with instructions for how to get rid of herpes for yourself.

Herpes Cure Breakthrough – Ultimate Herpes Protocol

The herpes treatment uses easily available natural substances and supplements, each based on proven cutting-edge research. Ms Addington claims that the protocol is effective to cure HSV-1 (cold sores), HSV-2 (genital herpes), and also shingles – all related and highly unpleasant conditions for which mainstream medicine can offer no cure – and she has evidence to back up her claims.

The difficulty with treating herpes is that the herpes virus in all its forms goes into hiding when under attack, entrenching itself in your nervous system, replicating, and gathering strength for the next time it sees an opportunity to break out.

The protocol deals with this problem using a four-pronged approach to treating herpes:

Boosting general immunity so your body maximises its ability to fight the herpes virus,
Killing the herpes virus directly by destroying its protective protein coating,
Stopping the herpes virus from replicating – and so preventing it from going into hiding & causing further outbreaks,
Dealing with the immediate misery of an outbreak.

The best thing about a herpes treatment like this is that it will not only stop herpes at its hidden root (preventing future outbreaks), but will do so without any of the unpleasant side-effects you can expect with Acyclovir and related drug treatments.

You may be wondering - “Why has this herpes cure breakthrough protocol not made medical headlines yet?”

The answer, according to Melanie Addington, is that big pharmaceutical companies are not interested in marketing a herpes cure that they can't patent – and so the mainstream medical establishment neither know nor care that this highly effective herpes cure exists and has been proven to work.

So is this the same as other alternative herpes treatments being promoted on the internet?

Ms Addington explains that this protocol is quite new and unlike anything that has been published before, on the internet or other places. “You can find bits and pieces of information online about natural cures for herpes, but it's completely chaotic and confusing, with no details about how to use the information to treat herpes effectively.”

“You don't want to mess around with herpes,” said Ms Addington. “It's a serious disease with some serious complications, it's highly contagious, and it wrecks lives. You need to apply a safe, proven systematic strategy to treating it, and that is what my protocol can do for you.”

Find out more about the Ultimate Herpes Protocol here:

Herpes Cure Breakthrough – Ultimate Herpes Protocol

About the Ultimate Herpes Protocol
The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a four part approach to treating herpes, using several safe, natural and easily obtainable substances together in a specific way that has been proven to effectively eliminate the herpes virus. The author donates a percentage of the profits from her book (available here) to AlterMed Research, an independent organisation which seeks to integrate alternative medical research with mainstream medicine.

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