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Herpes in Men, a Website About Herpes, with Information and Answers About This Dangerous Disease


Chestnut Mound, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease associated with men and women. A new blog entitled: Herpes in Men, attempts to generate awareness for this condition specifically in men while answering all the other common questions that may help spread the advocacy.

The website welcomes patients who are too embarrassed to approach their doctors, too scared to open the discussion to their friends and afraid that their family might find out their problem. Herpes in Men is not only a website that caters for patients and curious people, but also comforts the affected ones who have the condition but don’t feel like discussing it in the open due to the stigma that may comes afterward.

Herpes Symptoms in Men

The most common symptom is blisters and open red sores that can be seen in the herpes outbreaks. Herpes may or may not even show any kinds of symptoms for weeks or even years of infection, so an awareness of some of the common symptoms such as the blisters and sores around the inner thighs, vagina, penis, insider the urethra, anal area, rectum and buttocks is paramount. These blisters can also burst and turn raw to red open sores in the same parts. The disease is highly contagious and once infected person can spread the disease through oral, anal or normal sexual intercourse.

People can find the condition painful and overwhelming mentally so the blog is welcome for any inquiries you can't ask right away to a medical doctor.

Natural Herpes Treatment for Men

A salt bath may be advisable due to its healing properties and also acts as a disinfectant and cleanser. The basic recipe includes half a teaspoon of salt or few tablespoons to a bath tube full of shallow water. Another herpes treatment option is Lysine. This amino acid is usually given in capsules. It has antiviral effects that blocks replication of HSV further.

The website is now free for all and live so those who just want to be informed because they're curious or those who want effective cure regimen can now use it for their perusal.

About HerpesInMen.Org
Herpes in Men is a website that aims at spreading awareness about common misconceptions and treatment for Herpes which also occurs in men. Herpes in Men turned out to be not just an ordinary site of information but a site that is ready to comfort those who find it hard to accept their disease, and enlighten those who are still unaware that they have it.

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