HeyMedica.com Announces Launch of Startup to Support European Health Care

An Integrated and Interconnected Network with the Largest Database of Medical Services Providers.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2021 -- HeyMedica.com is pleased to introduce a robust platform that is designed to support the European Health Care system to promote "One World, One Health, One Platform". Backed by the most advanced data security systems, the entire infrastructure is built using the Amazon Web Services and can be configured anywhere including the medical Facebook. European citizens can now have access to better medical services nearest to their geographical locations. The network includes medical service providers throughout Europe covering 27 countries in 10 languages. This setup helps patients access fast medical care by reaching the nearest hospital or clinic in case of emergencies. While patients can benefit the most from the platform; it is also open for doctors, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies so that they can connect with their patients by explaining their services in detail and providing other information.

The first and foremost feature is the compatibility of the platform with all web browsers. Real-time doctor appointments, integrated medical history, prevention system, custom statistics, appointments/ medications/ treatment notifications, regional notification alerts, monitoring the health risk level, support groups, patient community chat are the other integrated features. Heymedica also has the first hospital ranking based on patient feedback with evaluations done on three aspects: level of comfort, quality of staff and quality of services. Each medical provider is also evaluated based on: patient recommendation, courtesy and wait time. The startup is already making waves in community with many players already sensing it as a strong competitor which is very hard to beat. While it is still in the prototype stage, all are welcome to test the platform by clicking on the link below.

To know more visit https://heymedica.com/en

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Heymedica.com is a platform designed to support the European health care system. The platform facilitates patient's access to thousands of health care providers and other information related to the industry. Medical service providers, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, dentists, pharmacies, family doctors, caregivers and many others from the health care industry are featured in the network.

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