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HGVT Limited Offering High-Quality HGV Training to Those Wanting to Drive Heavy Goods Vehicles Throughout the UK

HGVT Limited provides top-quality courses in the UK for drivers who want to appear for the HGV theory test or want to apply for a professional HGV driver’s license.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/15/2021 -- Learning to drive a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) has been the ticket to a long and rewarding career for millions of drivers over the years. Thus, the proper HGV training matters a lot for those individuals who want to attain a lorry license to drive throughout the United Kingdom. HGVT Limited offers low-cost yet top-quality training courses to interested individuals. HGVT provides this training at nearly four dozen facilities nationwide. Drivers can drive a full range of large commercial vehicles on training completion, from a tipper truck to a bin lorry.

At a recently held media conference, the spokesperson of HGVT Limited asserted, "HGVs are commercial vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. When we talk about commercial licenses to drive these vehicles, there are different licence categories or classes. We deal with the four primary licence classes in our training: Cat C, Cat C+E, Cat C1, and Cat C1+E. We prepare our students to take their practical skills tests at an approved testing facility. We do not conduct the tests ourselves, as we are not licensed to do so."

To accompany its students taking the practical skills test, HGVT Limited sends a trainer to the testing site on the examination day. This allows the students to ask questions or receive any other assistance they may require before taking the test. On the other hand, the training at an HGVT facility consists of time in the classroom and time behind the wheel of a full-size HGV. The practical and HGV theory training providers are all very experienced professionals who can deliver the skills and knowledge of being a safe and successful driver.

The spokesperson further informed, "Our trainers supervise everything our students do behind the wheel to ensure their safety and increase their learning potential. However, before they can take our training, every student must have passed a routine medical exam and have a valid full car license. Students must also apply for a provisional entitlement and pass a 100-question theory and Hazard Perception Test before starting the practical skills training. In addition, the law asks the drivers to get a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence."

Those who want to get HGV professional license can seek help from HGVT Limited professionals when they need to complete and submit the necessary paperwork to get their entitlement. Without the entitlement, getting behind the wheel of an HGV/LGV would not be allowed. Drivers also cannot train if they cannot drive the vehicle they plan on being tested with. However, HGVT Limited makes it easier to obtain an HGV provisional licence.

About HGVT Limited
HGVT Limited is a reputed provider of the best HGV training in Leeds and many other locations across the U.K. The heavy goods vehicle training generates productive driving professionals who earn an excellent living while making their employers proud. HGVT Limited focuses on both theoretical and practical skills under its training courses. There is a heavy emphasis on attentiveness, road safety and legal compliance and professional competence.

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