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HGVT Making Strides in Driver Training


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2021 -- It goes almost without saying that HGV Training Services Ltd is the most sought-after driving academy in the United Kingdom. With more than 60 academies spread throughout the country, the institution opens its doors to anyone willing to sharpen their driving skills. It is also worth noting that HGV and LGV trainees at HGVT can benefit from the institution's partnership with Manpower, which is one of the most reliable recruitment companies in the country. In simple words, once you get your HGV or LGV training certificate from HGVT, Manpower can help you land a job. 

Speaking recently about HGVT's strides in HGV training, the company's spokesperson said, "We want to make it easy for anyone within the country to learn HGV basics and get a certification. For example, HGV training courses in Leeds are guaranteed because we now have an academy there. The same can be said of Liverpool or Manchester. We're expanding so that anyone who wishes to train with us doesn't have to travel miles. It's almost as if we're coming to everyone's doorstep. This approach is so far working because we're seeing more and more people training with us for HGV and LGV certification."

HGVT offers more than HGV and LGV driving classes. The institution has invested heavily in training vehicles as well as instructors. It now guarantees Periodic Cpc training as well as LGV training. The mode of instruction in all campuses is clear, which makes learning fun. The practical aspect is even more interesting, with vehicles designed to help trainee drivers learn without struggling. These are just but some examples of what makes learning at HGVT fun and worth every cent. 

The company's spokesperson went on to say, "Driving is more than what people think it is. It is actually a skill that more often than not, can save a life or put it at risk. It doesn't matter whether one needs the Hgv Class 1 license or any other license. Once you're on the road, you have a duty to yourself and that of other road users. We make sure our trainees learn this from day one. We then go ahead to train them on road safety issues and other aspects of driving that are vital. Learning with us is in a nutshell, an experience people don't ever forget. It gets even better with the fact that the registration process is online and easy. Anyone can sign up in less than 5 minutes and begin classes the next day or even in some cases, the same day. "

HGVT also offers a wide range of other driving classes. The academy has so far helped many drivers who work with hospitals as ambulance drivers, fire fighting departments, earthmoving departments with construction firms and so many other areas. 

About HGVT
HGVT Limited is the largest driving academy in the United Kingdom. It continues to expand each year, despite the fact that is already spread throughout the country, with more than 60 academies in different cities. The company also works closely with Manpower recruiting agency to help drivers secure jobs. 

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