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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2021 -- HGVT offers HGV/LGV training. They train thousands of individuals a year to get their HGV Class and Class 2 licence. The company has a team of dedicated instructors who ensure their clients get the best training in the UK. They serve both people and national companies across the country. The company constantly keep clients updated on their course via text messages. They are committed to providing excellent customer service. In addition, they assist and guide one through the LGV licence acquisition process.

Speaking on how the company helps its students get a job, the company spokesperson said, "We take pride in having contacts and networks that assist new licence-holders into employment. For example, our online platform features a job section where one can easily access thousands of positions available across the UK. In addition, various employment agencies usually pay our company if it assists them in filling vacancies. Therefore, once individuals complete their licence acquisition and pass their DSA examination, we will help them find the perfect driving job."

Driver CPC certification is a set of standards applied to initial driver training and career-long continuing education. The European Union established it to ensure that each professional driver is competent and proficient. All professional drivers holding Category C and Category D licenses must enrol for the CPC training programs. Those wanting to know about CPC licence qualification can consider contacting HGVT. The company has successfully helped most of its students to complete the training in a matter of weeks. In addition, they ensure that the information in their guides is entirely up to date.

Speaking about the types of CPC training, the company spokesperson said, "There are various types of CPC training. They include initial CPC training and periodic CPC training. Initial CPC training is a one-time requirement for individuals who have recently obtained their HGV licence. It includes a case study test, theory test, demonstration test, and driver ability test. On the other hand, periodic training is required to renew an expiring card every five years. Therefore, it gives individuals the tools they need to cope with the challenges they will face as an HGV driver."

Professional drivers are required to undergo an HGV medical exam to meet the various Government law requirements. During the medical exam, the physicians typically check on several things, including neurological problems, heart conditions, sleep disorders, alcohol and drug, and many more. If licensed HGV drivers develop a medical condition that can potentially disqualify them from driving, they must report a change in health to the DVLA. To learn more about the HGV medical exam, one can look for HGVT medical training. The company ensures that its students successfully undergo the HGV medical before they start to train with it.

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Are you looking for an HGVT license course? HGVT offers top quality HGV training services in the UK. Their programs give one the know-how to cope with the regular part of his or her job. The company has a friendly expert team that quickly responds to clients' questions. In addition, they take pride in providing a structured and proven path to professional HGV driving. 

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