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Hidden Camera Product Maker Offers Satisfaction Guarantee


Geneva, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2017 -- Spycrushers rep announces their new companywide satisfaction guarantee on every spy camera and hidden camera product sold.

Hidden camera and spy camera shoppers now have an opportunity they never had before. According to a recently interviewed product expert, most buyers of hidden camera and spy camera products experience and high 30% failure rate when operating their purchases. Of that total, 10% never contact the company to let it know that he/she has an issue with the product.

Based on the research gathered, WIFI featured spy cameras are the most difficult for purchasers to setup and operate correctly. The majority of negative feedback consist of faulty WIFI Apps, incorrect App passwords and codes and confusing unintelligible operation manuals.

At a recently held product launch event for spy camera and hidden camera online retailer Spycrushers, Ryan Anderson, President of Spycrushers, spoke to the crowd of attendees about their customer concerns regarding buyer satisfaction.

"We recently announced as part of our new company policy a new satisfaction guarantee on all spy camera and hidden camera products we offer," said Anderson.

Anderson continued by stating that the new policy is basically an unlimited time satisfaction guarantee. There is no cutoff date or a stated post purchase time frame. Meaning, that if for any reason a customer is not completely satisfied with their purchase they can contact Spycrushers and receive a new replacement or a full refund.

"This policy, as I said, covers all our spy camera and hidden camera products. A recent Car Keychain Spy Camera customer recently contacted us regarding an issue he was having with his spy camera. Although, he purchased it over eight months ago we were still able to help by replacing his unsatisfactory device with a new replacement," remarked Anderson.

According to Anderson, similar scenarios have happened for their Hidden Smoke Detector Spy Camera, their Pro Series 16GB 1080p Spy Pen Camera as well as several other spy camera products the company offers.

"We love our customers and want them to become raving fans. We do our very best to make that happen by standing by our products and providing help and solutions wherever needed," Anderson concluded.

Spycrushers spy camera and hidden camera products can be found online on Amazon and the Spycrushers websites. Amazon shoppers can locate the products when entering the search word spycrushers inside any open search bar found on any Amazon webpage.

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SpyCrushers brand and line of products are owned and operated by Crushers Inc. Crushers, Inc. is a manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods and electronics.

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