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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- Discount Motorcycle Insurance, providing an online database to help people find discounted coverage in their state or city, has revealed the hidden costs often seen in coverage. Insurance premiums often vary greatly from one motorcycle to another. Some hidden costs may include medical policies already covered by other insurance. Also, passenger motorcycle coverage is not necessary if a motorcyclist never intends to ride with someone, so eliminating this can add up to more savings.

Motorcyclists can also look into higher deductibles for coverage, and reduce their premiums. Riders are also often unaware that joining motorcycle associations may qualify them for discounts, while completing training courses is a good way to receive a discount. Avoiding these possibilities can actually raise the costs of coverage.

Riders often purchase less medical liability coverage for motorcycles than cars. The result can be costly as they’ll be responsible for the same expenses if involved in an accident causing injury. Another factor is many states exclude motorcyclists from no-fault insurance laws. If one experiences losses following a crash, they won’t qualify for any compensation unless they willingly purchase a no-fault policy.

Hidden costs can factor into insurance coverage for people who don’t pay bills on time. Insurers have seen a correlation between people taking fewer financial risks and being safer drivers. A “financial responsibility score” is used in part to rank customers and determine premium costs. Those with a good score can save as much as 50% off their bill, meaning others will find hidden costs that can be avoided just by being responsible.

When purchasing insurance, consider these facts while looking for the best coverage. Don’t forget to compare different companies’ rates and those on different motorcycles. Discount Motorcycle Insurance makes it easy and fast to compare leading insurers in states and major cities. Take advantage by going to

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