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Gurnee, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- As the popular saying goes, “A child’s brain is like a sponge” this is in fact true because after birth till a certain age during childhood, the learning potential of a person is at its optimum level. This is why it is necessary for parents and teachers to ensure that a child stays in an atmosphere where education and learning are one of the most important components of their daily life. The internet is an amazing education tool, it serves as an incredible resource of information and different ways through which children can learn new and interesting stuff but unfortunately many kids end up wasting their precious time on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and the like. Such social networking websites though great for making friends and connecting to people are not suitable for children because they aren’t safe and there is little to no learning opportunities on such websites, thus there has long been a need for a social networking website that has been created especially for children and to educate them in a more creative, social and fun way. is a social networking website that caters to the need of a social educational networking website specially meant for kids. is not only a place where kids are able to learn new things with their friends online but it is also   an E-learning platform for students to complement their education through the learner to leader method. This makes a great tool for teaching that can be used as a supplementary educational method in schools. Teachers can share their curriculum quizzes in HiFiKids classes and even show them on the big screen at the end of each class, where students can answer the quizzes using clickers/response cards. Teachers can also keep a close watch on the student's performance in real time. This will not only help in making leaning more fun but will also increase the participation level and motivation to learn more among the students. In return students will also be able to show their appreciation to their teacher online on the website.

Furthermore, users of can also join professional classes, which are created by top educationist and to access world class tools and statistics for a really affordable fee. This feature is great for any student who is lagging behind on a subject in school. These professional classes include SAT early preparations classes that will aid students in being prepared to do their best in the SAT that will in turn increases their possibilities of scoring scholarships or earning a place in a good college.

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