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High: A Heart-Pounding New Novel Proves How One Spontaneous Decision Can Change Everything

Written by Corey M.P. and set in the stunning city of Montreal, “High” takes readers deep into the life of protagonist Sonja Fines, as she unexpectedly steps out of the norm and ends up in a different city that changes her life. Relatable and captivating, Sonja and her story will strike a chord with anyone who has ever fallen in, or out of love.


Montreal, Quebec -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- While it’s known around the world as “The City of Saints”, a compelling new novel by Corey M.P. showcases how any beautiful city can quickly become a maze of confusion, impulse, and regret. The fast-paced love story in “High” plays out across the city as readers enter a movie-like sphere that will always leave them guessing.

While full of surprises, “High” is also hitting home with thousands of readers whose lives have drastically changed because of their one right, or wrong decision—in life, or in love.


Sonja Fines is a thirty-year-old, uptight, sleep deprived, workaholic from Manhattan who hasn’t taken a day off in years. On a Friday before a Fourth of July weekend, she hops in a cab—late for an important presentation, but ends up in a coffee shop…in Montreal.

Shocked by her sudden escape, she meets laid-back Chad Miller. They spend the next three days together and quickly fall for each other.

Sonja has never been happier. But when Chad suddenly reveals something from his past, Sonja flees in a hurry. Overwhelmed with emotions, she embarks on a roller coaster of spontaneous decisions that change her life dramatically.

As the author explains, her uplifting narrative reads like a screenplay and thus throws readers deep into the action.

“Sonja makes an impulsive decision at the beginning of the story, which quickly leads her into a life-changing series of events. The dramatic transformation that happens to her life will make readers feel a close connection to her and her story.”

Continuing, “It’s a literary experience that is almost like watching a movie. It will leave readers questioning many aspects of their own lives. Through the candid dialogues and the vivid descriptions of places and things, readers will get to experience the book as if they were walking in Sonja’s shoes,” says the author.

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

“A well-crafted, heart-warming novel that is not only fun to read but has an important message of self-discovery. I highly recommend and even though you can't escape your stressful life to a cafe in Montreal, pick this book up and you'll feel like you did,” says L.E. Waters, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Al was equally as impressed, adding, “HIGH is such a good read! I immediately was drawn to Sonja and wanted to know how it ended. As you can guess by the cover, this book is about love: Love for a city, Love for a connection, Just Love for living. HIGH is so well-written that I felt like I was walking on the cobblestone streets looking at the architecture smelling fresh bread in Montreal. The characters are very believable... I think I know people like them.”

“High” is available now in paperback on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. The eBook version is available on amazon.com.

About Corey M. P.
Corey M. P. is a writer and a graphic designer from California. “High” is her first novel. Her novelette, “Paper Airplane”, is now available in Kindle format on amazon.com.

She is currently working on her second novel, “Hearts and Errors”. Corey is also the creator of Sammy’s Books, a collection of beginner books for children under five years old. Visit her website at: http://www.coreymp.com or her blog at: http://www.coreymp.wordpress.com.