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High-end Homes and Offices Decorate With Unique Aquarium Art by


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- When it comes to decorating high-end homes and offices, there are many choices available. Water features are one of the most popular types of high-end décor, and aquariums have long been a perennial favorite. Although aquariums are beautiful and impressive in many settings, the main problem with them is the regular maintenance that is required. Aquarium maintenance can be a nuisance and interrupt the busy lives of homeowners and office professionals.

As a result, a unique product created by a company called UrbanSeas has been attracting a lot of attention lately. As UrbanSeas creates aquariums that are ecologically balanced, the sea’s own natural cleaning systems are imitated and therefore require minimal maintenance. These aquariums utilize a special, trademarked “No Water Change” technique that uses the natural filtering capabilities of water plants to balance the aquarium ecosystem and keep tanks crystal clear.

In addition to being completely in harmony with the environment, UrbanSeas aquariums also harmonize with any décor. “Each custom fish tank is individually crafted to satisfy specific needs and sophisticated tastes via in-depth personal consultation to thoroughly understand the client’s requirements and design intent for both home and office décor. We also specialize in combining aesthetics with function by incorporating, be it a home fish tank or an office fish tank, as pieces of unique furniture to complement their lifestyles and serve as focal points in the room,” declares the UrbanSeas website.

On the UrbanSeas website, clients can find more information about bringing a piece of green art into their homes or offices by requesting their own custom fish tank design. Visitors can also learn about the environmental mission of UrbanSeas and discover how the company gives back to community by setting up demonstrative displays on how pollution can adversely affect sea life.

In addition to aquarium services, the website also features pages that explain UrbanSeas pond services and maintenance services. The Collections section of the website allows visitors to browse through pictures of all the decorative possibilities attainable with UrbanSeas aquariums. This includes bar counter aquariums, coffee table and television console aquariums, infinity aquariums, tower aquariums and wall-hung aquariums.

By visiting the UrbanSeas website, individuals can explore extraordinary aquatic décors for both the home and office.

About UrbanSeas
UrbanSeas aims to fit perfectly in sync with the hectic schedules and in any home and office décor. UrbanSeas invests in continual research towards creating ecologically balanced and low maintenance systems so that the fish clean their own tanks with as little help from the outside as possible. UrbanSeas’ “No Water Change” technique combines and balances the natural filtering ability of certain plants to create a delicately balanced ecosystem in which the water remains crystal clear.

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