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High Heels in New York: New Fiction Novel Follows Latin Woman's Challenge to Survive the Big Apple's Allure.

When Melissa moves to New York City and experiences American culture, her Latin traditions take the back burner. Offering a compelling glimpse into life caught between two cultures, A. V. Scott’s latest novel is guaranteed to entertain.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2012 -- Latin culture brings a host of iron-clad traditions. However, when one independent woman shuns her roots for life in the big city, life brings its fair share of ups and downs. Readers are invited to join protagonist Melissa De la Rosa for her journey – in ‘High Heels in New York’, a new novel by A. V. Scott.


“Melissa De La Rosa is obsessed...with her fiancé, cupcakes and shoes. But living in a City where everyone has secrets, how will she cope when she finds out her fiancé had been keeping a devastating secret from her that turns her world upside down?

How does she cancel her fairy tale wedding, while planning her mother's? And how will she tell her mother that she's once again single and pregnant. Picking up the broken pieces of her life would be easier if she wasn't also the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Meet Angelina Stevens, a has-been Hollywood Starlet that spends her time drowning her pain with one night stands and drugs. When her life spirals out of control she decided that in order to fix her present she needs to search for her past. But when a private investigator gives her news she wasn't ready to accept, she's unsure what to do.

How can you survive in New York City, where everyone knows your business and your secrets don't stay hidden?”

As the author explains, her book ties together and displays the challenges that stretch between two cultures.

“In Latin culture you should be married, barefoot and pregnant and happy about it, which is something Melissa has never really wanted. The story shows how she perseveres through life's ups and downs,” says Scott.

Continuing, “Life is never as hard as it seems and in the end friends and family are the most important.”

In short, the novel provides an intimate yet illuminating insight into life away from one’s home culture.

‘High Heels in New York’, published by Amazon Digital Services, is available from: http://amzn.to/X4wGtn

As part of Scott’s Facebook launch party, all proceeds of 2012 sales will be donated to Habitat for Humanity in order to help victims of Hurricane Sandy: http://www.facebook.com/avscott.92

For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://www.avscott.com

About the Author: A.V. Scott
A.V. Scott was born in 1978 in Caguas, Puerto Rico and was raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is an online blogger, freelancer, Poet and ebook author. She is a member of the Florida Writers Association and the International Women's Writers Guild.

She can be found on Facebook and Twitter, where she keeps readers up to date on her writing life.