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High Intensity Training Programs - Benefits and Cautions


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Workouts once favored only by top athletes and fitness fanatics have hit the mainstream, and are set to be the top fitness trend in the coming year according to the American College of Sports Medicine. While these workouts are effective, some experts have concerns about how fast they have caught on, and how long they will last when the population learns of their true intensity.

Home workout DVD’s such as P90X or Insanity, and high intensity athletic training programs such as Crossfit, Tabata, and HIIT classes have ignited public interest in fitness like nothing before researchers say. While more movement and an interest in being healthy is a good thing, with the rise in interest many physicians and trainers have reported seeing more injuries as well. Not only physical injuries, but sudden intense exercise after one has been sedentary for a long time has triggered a rise in heart attacks and strokes for some participants.

To protect against these conditions, experts suggest not only being cleared by a doctor before beginning any exercise program, but recommend participants know their own physical limits. Interval training is healthy, but doesn’t have to be as intense as some of the programs mentioned above make it. When starting out, a common recommendation is to speed-walk for half a block, then walk leisurely the other half. Once endurance is built up, change this to a run-walk pace for a more intense workout.

Physical activity of any sort is good for the body, and interval training in particular has been shown to be an effective method of weight control, weight loss, and cardio vascular conditioning. They key to any successful life change, however, is to monitor progress and stick to a pace appropriate for personal fitness levels. Increase intensity as endurance and health increases, and watch how the body responds to note whether the program chosen is right for the participant, or if they would need something less or more intense.

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