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High-Protein Breakfast Linked to More Satiety During the Day


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- Many Americans have made a healthier shift to include breakfast as part of their daily meal plans, but often times this meal lacks in protein and is high in carbohydrates. While carbohydrates are important for energy, recent information released at the Obesity Society’s annual scientific meeting showed that increasing protein amounts at breakfast assisted in curbing hunger pangs throughout the day.

A study was done on women ages 18-55 to examine the amount of protein consumed at breakfast, and their food consumption amounts throughout the remainder of the day. While all the breakfast meals equaled roughly 300 calories, some were packed full of protein rich cereals or eggs and sausages to equal approximately 30-39 grams of protein consumed during this meal. Compared to those whose breakfasts were made up of lesser protein amounts, the high-protein breakfast eaters felt full longer and experienced less hunger than the opposite group. It was also found that the high-protein breakfast group ate less throughout the day and made healthier decisions in their snacks when they did become hungry.

It’s cited that many choose to skip breakfast or consume less protein as there are not many convenient high-protein breakfast choices. Eggs and sausage take time, and sometimes cereals or oatmeals high in protein can lack palatability. This is why researchers involved in the study have called for commercially prepared, convenient choices for breakfast foods, or suggested those wishing to loose or maintain weight pre-make high-protein breakfast choices such as boiled eggs.

Breakfast is important as it is both the body’s starting meal of the day, and is catch up from a night of rest and repair for the body’s systems. Ensuring adequate nutrient intake during this important meal can help boost satiety during the day, leading to more energy and less overall calorie consumption.

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