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High Quality Biodegradable Paper Cups Expected to Lure in More High-End Gathering Events


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2017 -- With the increased sensitivity to global warming, most social gatherings are now encouraged to use bio degradable cups and plates. The catering industry has now undergone a boom with the increased demand for disposable cups and plates.

Catering 24, a leading catering company has recently launched a new line of cups that are designed to look like china ware. The new collection has drawn the attention of high end clients, hosting exclusive gatherings. Size 12oz and 8oz are the most popular sizes in demand. The company's environment friendly cups include polystyrene cups in single, ripple and double walled material. The Edenware Double Walled cups is currently considered the safest to use because of the fast rate with which it is degraded, once exposed to its environment. Catering 24 is now officially considered as one of the few catering companies that offer fully compostable products. All of its take away coffee cups come with extra double wall that protects the customer's hands from the heat of the beverage inside. Recent statistics has shown that the demand for polystyrene cups are on the rise because it is one of the best value hot cups. It's low cost and high insulation has made it a favored product for office and official events. However, most commercial beverage sellers opt for the double walled black cups for its premium feel and added value. The paper cup industry is geared in for more up-gradation for the current year. It may be noted that this will be one of the many efforts the industry is making for a green environment. The coming years will be marked by a change in all the social gatherings. Efforts are underway to manufacture disposable cups and plates that look like real china ware so that more environmental friendly products are used in all social events.

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Catering24 is a leading catering agency. The company offers high quality disposable cups. It is currently popularly known for its quality paper cups products at low cost.

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