Hana Benami

High-Quality Colored Toric Lens Now Available for Those With Astigmatism


Selangor, Kuala Lumpur -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Dbeautyshop now offers colored toric lenses for those in the United States. As Terry Yip states, "People suffering from astigmatism shouldn't have to suffer with an eye color they don't like. Thanks to our company, Americans can now have sexy colorful eyes with contact lenses shipped directly from Korea. As astigmatism is the most common reason for visits to the eye doctor, this is sure to be good news to those who dream of a different eye color. Dbeautyshop offers a large selection to choose from so you are no longer limited to a few basic colors"

According to Terry Yip, "Whether a person is looking for halloween contact lenses or glow uv lens, Dbeautyshop can fulfill this request. Choose simple solid eye colors such as brown or black or make a drastic change and select vivid green or violet. Magic Circle toric lenses are available along with extra blue and Barbie ring versions. Contact lens wearers now have the opportunity to change up their look every day of the week and still have other versions to wear."

Orlando Bloom donned a pair of blue contact lenses for his role in the Lord of the Rings and Paris Hilton favors blue contacts with black edging. Jennifer Aniston prefers blue contact lenses as does Megan Fox. Ali Lohan, in contrast, often opts for gray as the contacts set off her dark hair nicely. Contact lens wearers are no longer limited to traditional eye colors. As Mr. Yip states, "Thanks to Dbeautyshop, those with astigmatism now have the option of colored contacts in a variety of colors and shades."

For those who are generally satisfied with their natural eye color, but would like to bring out the natural beauty and richness, colored toric lenses can be of assistance in achieving this goal. "Enhance the magnificence of what you were born with when using these lenses. Choose colors that accent your natural beauty and others are sure to notice," Terry Yip states.

"For those who don't suffer from astigmatism, Dbeautyshop offers other options. Halloween contact lenses remain popular as they allow those with perfect vision to dress up their eyes with leopard spots, a soccer ball or the ace of spades." Terry Yip explains. "With so many varieties to choose from, each shopper can walk away with a pair they love."

Dbeautyshop delivers high quality products and services. The goal is to have each customer completely satisfied with his or her purchase. Items may be shipped to anywhere on the globe. The company strives for customer service and convenience for all wishing to purchasing colored toric lenses or lenses of any type.