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Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2018 -- LED Stores Online is pleased to present their latest range of LED bulbs at amazing prices. There are many benefits of fixing LED lights in a home. The first and foremost is that these lights are at least 80% efficient than the regular traditional lights including the incandescent and fluorescent lights. Only 5% of the energy is wasted in the form of heat and the remaining 95% is converted to light by the LEDs. The other benefit is that these lights light up instantly. They can come to full brightness in a matter of microseconds. They are strong and are not fragile like the traditional bulbs which easily get damaged due to external shock. Since LEDs are made up of solid state components one can be assured of safety during power surges.

Many architects and building contractors suggest their clients to install LED lighting as they not only help save energy but also help save the planet. LED lighting is considered to be the energy efficient, eco-friendly, cleanest and the brightest ways to illuminate a home. So, for those who are looking at getting some LED lighting fixtures for their homes and offices this is the right place to be. The store offers high quality but inexpensive LED lights for indoor and outdoor use. These lights also promise a longer operational life so one can reduce the costs of replacing their lights from time to time.

The store offers only durable quality lighting and those which are made up of rugged and sturdy components that can withstand the roughest conditions such as shocks, external impacts, vibrations, weather, vandalism, etc. One of the most important features is that of zero UV emissions or the least UV emissions and so can be easily used in UV sensitive areas such as art galleries and museums. The designs of these lighting systems are very versatile. They can fit into spaces irrespective of the design and architecture. And as mentioned earlier these lights can operate in any kind of climate – hot or extreme cold temperatures. These low-voltage lights are perfect when an external energy source is being used for lighting them up such as solar panels.

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LED Stores Online, http://ledstoresonline.com/ is an online store that offers a wide range of LED Light bulbs, LED Landscape lighting and more at affordable prices.

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