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Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2017 -- Telansen Coating Machinery Co. Ltd., the first ever manufacturer of industrial pneumatic airless sprayers in china is pleased to present a great range of polyurethane spray equipment, polyurethane foam machine, spray foam insulation and more. The Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is currently being used to offer maximum insulation to a building or a home thereby contributing to a great amount of savings in the overall energy costs. The SPF is a mixture of different materials which thereby react to each other creating foam. The liquid mixture turns into foam which then expands and finally hardens enough to act as an insulator. This foam acts as a great insulator by sealing the air and also acts as a moisture barrier. The polyurethane spray equipment and the polyurethane foam machine are available at

The Spray Foam Insulation also known as the King of Insulations is the most effective solution to minimize air infiltration through seams, cracks and joints. The SPF is available in Open-Cell (high pressure foam) or Closed-Cell (low pressure) foam. Each has their own benefits and according to the building type and budget one may choose either of them. While the Open-cell foam is relatively vapor-permeable, the Closed-cell foam is a vapor retarder and is a significantly little expensive than the latter. The benefits of closed-cell foam are that it is a powerful insulator; contributes to incredible energy savings; acts as an air-tight seal and a moisture barrier; deters mold; is eco-friendly and comes with a long life span. SPF is not only affordable but an economically viable option for insulation.

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Telansen Coating Machinery Co. Ltd., based at Shanghai, China is the first ever manufacturer involved in production of industrial pneumatic airless sprayer in China. Their product range includes polyurethane spray equipment, polyurethane foam machine, spray foam insulation, polyurea spraying machine, spray polyurea equipment.



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