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High Quality Portable Kaidaer Mini Speaker with MP3 Player and FM Radio

Enjoy Music Anytime and Anywhere with an Amazing Mini Speaker


Kowloon City, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Ever Week offers high quality portable Kaidaer Mini Speaker that can play MP3 from PC, Laptops, mobile Phones, Tablets, micro SD Card and any device that has a 3.5 mm jack. Music can also be downloaded into the micro SD Card of the speaker by simply connecting it to laptop or PC via USB cable. It can be simply used as a standalone stereo or users can listen to FM Radio wherein the earphone audio cable acts as an antenna.

Customers will be amazed with the quality of volume that these small speakers can pump out. These are uniquely designed mini digital audio speakers that are compatible with various mobile devices, laptops, PCs and various 5 Pin USB compatible devices. The product comes with an aluminum diaphragm micro-speaker that brings high fidelity music anywhere the person wants. The speakers look extremely different and attractive with circular design curve. The speakers are extremely easy to operate wherein users can play music from the TF-Card or USB or downloaded music. The 5 Pin USB is also used for data download as well as recharging the Li-battery.

The Kaidaer mini speaker comes with six EQ music modes such as General, Popular, Rock, Jazz, Classical and Country Music. The speakers are extremely stylish and are available in various exciting colors. The product weighs just 130g which makes it extremely portable and easy to carry. The best thing about these speakers is that they can be used as Home theater speakers as well because of the sound effects. The speakers support all mp3 and wma format music. Features from normal playback to repeat one and random repeats are also found in these speakers. These mini speakers can be simply lined in with PCs, iPhones, notebooks and other mobile phones to listen to music anytime and anywhere.

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