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High School Student Launches Socialworld, an Integrative Social Networking Site

Self-taught entrepreneur Daniel Bentley launches innovative new site dedicated to comprehensive social networking


Barlaston, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- The number of websites offering social networking opportunities are abundant, but the world of social networking hasn’t seen anything like the site that high school student Daniel Bentley has launched.

The site, Socialworld Network (, is an integration of a number of capabilities, which have never been combined on one site before. Socialworld gives users the opportunity to not only interact with the people in their network, but the site also combines the capabilities similar to those found on sites like Ebay, Wordpress, iTunes and Craigs’s List into one, user-friendly location.

Socialworld gives users the opportunity to manage all of their online social activities on one site, including the ability to place ads, open an online store, write and publish blogs, create events, upload music, chat, share videos and meet new people.

According to Bentley, the site is useful for anyone who enjoys the features offered by a variety of websites, but want to combine all of these capabilities into one site. What Bentley has created is beyond a traditional social networking site, and the young entrepreneur hopes the site will become the leading way in which people utilize social networking.

In addition to being able to utilize a number of service-based applications, site members will also have the opportunity to meet and socialize with new people. Other social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn are useful primarily to remain connected with people you already know, but the platform of Socialworld gives users the opportunity to meet new people and build relationships in the process.

“I think that as someone who is young, I know what a younger demographic is looking for in a social network,” said Bentley. “When I designed my site, my goal was to move beyond what’s already been seen in social networking, and build upon that to create something inventive but something that also has a useful purpose.”

Bentley is self-taught, and while he’s created a number of sites in the past, this is his first time managing a social network.

“My goal with this site was to take the best of all the worlds of social networking sites that are popular right now, and create a site that combined all of these items in a way that was easy to use, as well as entertaining,” said Bentley.

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