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High Tech Safety Discusses Use of Pepper Spray in Self-Defense


Murfreesboro, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2015 -- A Kentucky teenager made the news recently when she confronted her attacker with pepper spray, escaping from a potentially dangerous situation and fleeing to safety. The young woman told police that she got into a vehicle with a man who told her he was assigned to pick her up from school, but then began molesting her. The girl used pepper spray that she carried in her backpack to fight off her attacker and was able to run from the vehicle to a nearby home. The man was arrested and charged with kidnap and sexual abuse.

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According to High Tech Safety expert Manny Alvarado, the young woman's story is all too common. "Many rapists and molesters win the trust of their victims before attempting their crimes," says Alvarado. "This means that they often place themselves physically close to the person they are going to attack. Because molestation is a crime that takes place in close proximity to the victim, mace or pepper spray may actually be more effective than some other weapons if a friendly person suddenly turns menacing."

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