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High Traffic Academy Provides Resources That Help Website Owners Drastically Increase Traffic


Sioux Falls, SD -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2012 -- High Traffic Academy is today announcing publicly that the company is offering a free video series promised to be packed with useful information on how website owners can pull in and attract more targeted traffic by using proven methods.

Paulo Barroso, media contact, was asked just recently what led to releasing the video series. "To be honest, I've been so fortunate to have learned these strategies and have had so much traffic to my own websites that I really wanted to help others do the same. I've had people tell me I'm nuts and that I should just keep my proven method to myself, but I can't do that". Would you say you're 'paying it forward' Barroso was then asked. "Absolutely! There are literally thousands of really cool websites out there that are never found because they are not indexed in any of the search engines. That was my predicament not long ago and I surely would have been thrilled if someone shared tips with me on getting more traffic, but unfortunately, that did not happen".

Asked about the type of information that's on the video series, Barroso said with a chuckle, " Now if I tell you everything on the video that I'm giving away on our High Traffic Website, www.trckrs.com/bf, what's the point in giving it away? Seriously, the video is jammed packed with methods that are so easy and yet untapped - I don't know why other webmasters are not employing these techniques. I am getting more than 364,000 visitors per day to my website. I spoke to a gentleman just last week that didn't believe me so I showed him proof - he's now using the techniques and already seeing big results"!

Barroso also commented, "People have been led to believe that gaining targeted traffic is painstakingly slow via SEO and other such methods. Now, don't get me wrong, SEO is vital but it's time to get out of the mindset that you won't see results for months because it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, those that have used this strategy, which is what the video series covers were in complete shock when traffic began showing up fast and consistent day after day. I'm not talking about general traffic since that may or may not make you money, I'm talking targeted Guaranteed Visitors that every website owner wants and needs in order to expand".

Lastly, Barroso was asked about the future plans of more video series. "I think that is in all probability because I love being a sort of mentor for others since I personally would have loved to have these tips when I was struggling with my own sites. We're making big plans for future videos"!

About High Traffic Academy
High Traffic Academy exists to help website owners and online businesses succeed using little known techniques. The owners have skillfully taken everything they learned and wish to pass this on to others. The Academy teaches those who are new to the online world, those that are struggling, and anyone that want more niche targeted traffic how to get and how to keep it.