Highlight Investments Inc Is Now Offering an Innovative Stock Market Charting Solution for Free


Bellingham, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2013 -- Good news for stock market traders, as you can now get an excellent charting solution to analyze ETFs, stocks and indexes for free. Highlight Investments Inc., a world leader in developing stock market charts, has released a patented and unique technology that delivers superior performance. Of all the stock market charting solutions available today, Highlight Investments Inc’s is by far the best and most efficient. By using their new charting solution, traders can make informed, smart and wise investment options. To know more about this stock market charting solution, visit them at http://www.marketvolume.com/free.asp.

For stock market traders, stock market technical analysis charts portray a very crucial role in trading. Basically, stock charts provide investors and traders with significant information pertaining to the stocks’ past trading volumes and prices. As a result of using stock charting solutions, traders will be able to make better and smarter choices that would lead to successful investments with larger profits. However, not all charting solutions can deliver the right technical analysis for stocks. Some charting solutions offer information and stock charts that are misleading and unreliable.

Luckily for you as well as other stock market traders, Highlight Investment Inc has released a very innovative charting solution to help you make the right. Unlike other stock market charting solutions, Highlight Investments Inc’s has an innovative Modulated Volume technology that will provide you the right volume analysis, which is basically an extensive technical analysis of stocks.

Highlight Investments Inc has been providing technical analysis in stock market trading for more than a decade. Throughout the years, the company has served a vast number of clients, including banks, brokerages, mutual funds, stock market trader and other financial institutions. John Mark Simmons, an established trader in stock market, said “For years, I have been using Highlight Investments Inc’s technical volume analysis, and I’m really impressed with its amazing performance. Their stock charts are credible, and has helped me make a lot of successful trades in the stock market. For those who are looking for a good and dependable charting solution to analyze stocks and indexes, I strongly suggest that you use the new charting solutions offered by Highlight Investments Inc”.

With Highlight Investments Inc’s charting solutions, there is no need for you to install any additional software programs or hardware equipment. Basically, all you need to operate their charting solution is a computer with a stable internet access. On top of that, you can use their charting solution whenever you want.

The charting solutions shared by Highlight Investments Inc come with a free 30-day trial. After the trial period, you have the option to upgrade it to silver subscription, gold subscription or platinum subscription. Obviously, platinum subscriptions have more features than other subscriptions. With a platinum subscription, you get to enjoy a plethora of features, including Emini Charts, More Email Alerts, More Start Styles, Daily Market Breadth Reports, Advance Decline Indicators, All proprietary indicators, and many more. To get a comprehensive list of the features of each subscription, visit http://www.marketvolume.com/free_charts.asp.

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