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Highly Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Thermal Foggers Now Available for Commercial and Home Use


Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2017 -- An award-winning global manufacturer and supplier of technologically advanced outdoor fogging equipment, Longray Technology, proudly offers an exceptional range of portable thermal foggers for use in meeting any outside disinfecting or eradication need. With a wide range of thermal foggers from backpack models to truck mounted models, Longray has a fogging solution to meet any home, commercial or industrial fogging requirement.

Each one of Longray's environmentally friendly fogging products can be applied effectively in a wide range of applications including public health protection, vector control, pest control, and crop protection. All of its foggers and disinfectors are designed using the latest state-of-the-art technologies to safely dispense any product while ensuring the safety of the operator and protecting nearby people and animals.

Longray's effective and efficient thermal foggers are designed and manufactured to quickly and safely dispense the required chemicals and disinfectants as precisely as desired. Whether delivering heavy duty fogging power in compact handheld or backpack equipment, or large-scale pest eradication using truck mounted foggers, the company offers a broad selection of fogging and disinfectant products. Its handheld and backpack models are excellent for homeowners who prefers to perform insecticide treatments around their property themselves. The larger models are an excellent choice for commercial or industry spraying needs.

Longray's thermal foggers offer small fog droplet technology that disperses a fine, near invisible spray that disinfects crops, affecting both insects in flight as well as those on the plant surfaces. All thermal foggers dispense water or oil-based chemicals equally efficiently to meet any fogging requirement. Every fogger's high-tech design includes Teflon and viton layers that ensure all seals, gaskets and diaphragms are chemically inert and securely sealed with no leaking.

A well respected and recognized worldwide supplier, Longray Technology delivers world class fogging solutions to meet any need. To learn more about the company, read about its family of fogging and disinfecting equipment, or to inquire about a purchase, please visit http://www.longrayfog.com/ or call +1-86-755-29683086.

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A global supplier of top quality fogging equipment, Longray Technology manufactures and distributes fogging and disinfecting equipment engineered with the latest state-of-the-art technologies that protect people, crops, and animals while effectively creating a cleaner environment. The award-winning company serves a wide range of industries and customers in countries around the world.

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