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Vienna, Austria -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- For those who are bored with their wallpapers and background themes on their Android mobiles, there is something new, refreshing and entertaining this season. PimpDroid now offers free seasonal live wallpapers such as the Free Winter Snow Globe Android Live Wallpaper. It’s highly interactive wallpaper that is funny, entertaining, stylish and beautiful. The Xmas snow globe is definitely the best wallpaper of the year which is known for offering an amazing visual delight. The Falling Snow Flakes Android Live wallpaper is not just any standard wallpaper but interactive wallpaper that can be personalized too.

The winter live wallpapers come in different themes enough for the entire season such as Xmas and New Year. The snowflakes live wallpaper will interact every time the user shakes the mobile. The 3D snowflakes would swirl around thus providing a delightful scene. These falling snow live wall papers come with various backgrounds that can be configured according to the users’ requirements. They can configure the flakes, the velocity, the shape of the flakes, speed at which they fall, viewer’s positions, touch sounds, alternating the background images on the wallpaper and many more.

The winter live wallpapers are very much similar to the snow globes that are found in the market. These wallpapers provide the same visual effects or even better when the device is shaken. Watching those effects is not only entertaining but is also soothing for the mind. Users can play with these snowflakes live wallpapers just like any other game. Be it to relax in the breaks at office or to kill time in during long journey, these free falling snow flakes wall papers will definitely entertain the users. Users can customize the HD wallpaper backgrounds to different time settings, velocity, background transitions, texture, shape and many more.

To install the Free Winter Snow Globe Android Live Wallpaper visit http://bit.ly/1ikHEW5 and to know more about snowflakes live wallpaper visit www.live-wallpaper-android.com

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