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Highly Praised Holistic Electrolyte Supplement Continues to Help Customers


East Brunswick, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2017 -- HXH Industries which recently released its REVIVER electrolyte tablets has found no shortage of customer praise for the only vitamin enriched electrolyte supplement which has been shown to help as a hangover cure.

REVIVER electrolyte pills, which use a full spectrum, rapidly absorbable proprietary blend of a balanced ratio of each of six vital electrolytes allowing them to be able to quickly replenish electrolytes from fluid loss including sodium, chloride, some potassium, and a little calcium & magnesium. This allows those who are intense sports enthusiasts to get in that intense work-out much like customer Erica who discussed how she uses it for her cycling routines.  Erica stated that as 'an avid cyclist taking REVIVER before and after long rides in the extreme Midwest heat and humidity', allows her to 'ride longer with less water breaks'.

One sport that requires the some of the highest levels of endurance is marathon running. During a run, the body loses so much fluids while burning calories that a safe and effective replenishment strategy is necessary. When runners use REVIVER with a solid nutrition and hydration plan, they are able to optimize stamina and muscle performance while also being able to reduce muscle cramps and fatigue. Customer Selm B. who works out with dry climate runs 'felt a pretty significant difference in the amount of energy by trying the salts out after a couple of long runs'. Living close to the Pacific Ocean and in a dry climate, she tended to 'feel dehydrated naturally' but these salts helped her recovery time whenever her body felt depleted.

Unlike other similar products, REVIVER is a natural product made with non-GMO ingredients in an FDA regulated facility. Vitamins B6, C, and D blend not only boost absorption, but B6 and C are also vitamins scientifically shown to work as a hangover cure. REVIVER is the only made and manufactured in the USA supplement that is 100% gluten, soy, dairy and yeast free while containing no caffeine. These are the properties that Jeremy P was referring to when he stated that it worked great at keeping him from 'crashing during and after intense workouts'. Also being very easy to take after a night out, he found he only 'needed to have some pills and grab a water, with no worrying about having a Pedialyte or Gatorade laying around'.

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About HXH Industries, LLC
HXH Industries is a company focused on the development of supplements and products that drive a holistic but constant improvement towards the perfection of the human state – physically, mentally and emotionally. The company's flagship brand REVIVER is of is a vitamin fortified electrolyte supplements to help reduce dehydration and electrolyte imbalance symptoms, without the use of harmful additives. It is a supplement designed especially for endurance athletes, casual exercisers, adventurous eaters, outdoor workers, and individuals who consume alcohol.

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