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Highly Rated Epic Fantasy Rys Rising Jumps from Ebook Market to Print

Book wholesaler Ingram now supplies the paperback Rys Rising: Book I by Tracy Falbe to bookstores.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- Author of nine fantasy novels, Tracy Falbe knows that many readers prefer print. This is why she expanded distribution of Rys Rising: Book I and arranged for the paperback to become available through Ingram, a global wholesaler to bookstores.

Most of Falbe’s audience for her gritty and thought-provoking fantasy books comes from the ebook market. Reviews at online retailers from readers have called Rys Rising a “work of art” and a “must read” for fantasy fans.

The paperback has been available at Amazon and its European stores for some time, but the newly expanded distribution enabled by Ingram has added the paperback to Barnes & Noble online and Books-A-Million and made it available to any bookstore supplied by Ingram.

“When I’m selling ebooks it’s almost easy to forget there’s a print market,” Falbe said. “But I’ve reached a point as a novelist where I can get out and market my work to the public. I exhibited recently at a comic convention and then a gaming convention. The response was enthusiastic for my books and I also learned that some people truly prefer print.”

Rys Rising tells the saga of two magical races the tabre and the rys. The tabre rule a beautiful human realm as religious masters. Seeking to perfect their race with experimental spells, the tabre made the rys but reviled their creation and hid them in a segregated colony. Two rys with advanced powers lead a rebellion to free their kind from tabre oppression. Both races have human followers who serve their magical masters, often with great loyalty. The novel offers an intense multiple character experience with magic, secret initiations, assassinations, and abductions.

Bookstores wishing to distinguish their offerings with the addition of some indie fantasy fiction can look for the 404 page, 6 x 9 inch, trade paperback with ISBN 978-0976223573 in the Ingram system.

Complete details about Rys Rising: Book I are at the bookstore ordering page at Falbe’s website. Bookstore operators interested in assessing the quality of the novel may download a free ebook.