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Seychelles, East Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2016 -- Highproxies.com is a company that focuses on providing excellent service to its loyal consumer. The company provides fast and reliable private proxies that can be used in the business. In the digital era, technology has been utilized to the extent where data gathering have made easy. Proxies have become the new trend by the companies and been used by regular people as well. There some studies that proved proxies to be present to almost every individual.

Based on the recently published research paper, Australian National University researcher Gavin J.D. Smith has discussed the importance and uses of proxies and how it becomes the additional type of data in the digital world. Technology programmers are familiar with the two types of data that are present in the digital world. However, new studies have provided an addition to the selection of a new type of data was found, many theorists believe that information that is left behind by the Internet users can also be used by other people especially those who are knowledgeable in the certain field, thus, the birth of "disembodied" data.

According to Smith, every individual who are using their smartphones and are using connected devices are considered as walking platforms. Not only this, anyone who is using the Internet can be considered as platforms that are creating a disembodied data. To smith, leaving digital breadcrumbs is the new way to inflict the security and privacy of the person.

This is the reason why a company or a person needs to buy proxies; this is to secure their important information and to protect their privacy. Although the type of proxy highly depends on the infrastructure of the company, proxies will secure every personal data of the business. This is to ensure that security and safety of the important data will be protected against data brokers.

With the rising need for people to use the Web for their online activities, it is only imperative that the right protection and security is used by the consumer. Proxies will not only protect those who use it but also companies that needed to guard the safety of people's personal data.

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