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RPBCO Wealth Management Offers High Yield Fixed Rate Annuities


La Palma, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- RPBCO Wealth Management offers high yield fixed rate annuities through Secondary Market to their customers. They are income streams or payments purchased from in-force, pre-existing annuity of investors. The company offers annuity payments on a daily basis that provide the customers with a return between 4 and 8%. The yield on these fixed rate annuities is often higher than what people can receive if they get them from the issuer.

The company guarantees that these annuity payments have high yields, as they come from the same annuity issuers, such as New York Life, Metlife, Prudential, John Hancock Life, Pacific Life, American General and others, who are the best rated annuity issuers on the market.

The high yield annuity payments are acquired and offered by the company that has received the right for pre-existing annuity payments that are already in-force. The company provides valuable options for people who try to get a lump sum instead of annuity payments, so this large sum allows purchasing of annuity payments with high yields.

The available high yield fixed rate annuity that company offers are from several hundreds to as much as tens of thousands of dollars, so they can meet any clients’ needs. They provide different conditions for timing based on the amount and other factors. Some of the payments immediately pay annuity, while others may continue for years and decades to come. The higher return compared to the average is an opportunity provided by the secondary market annuities.

Although the company does not provide tax, legal or financial advices, they provide their customers with an incredible opportunity to buy high yielding annuities right away; as such annuities are constantly available. The customer himself or his financial advisor may contact the RPBCO Wealth Management anytime to find out which highest yield annuities are currently available.

The company is specialized in secondary market annuities, as they are low-risk and high-yield financial products provided by the best insurance carriers. In contrast to the similar annuity products bought from the same insurance companies, secondary market annuities offer much higher returns. In addition, the annuities are different and unique, coming with different amounts, timing and yield, so they can meet the specific needs of different customers.

Till recently high yield annuities have been available only to the big companies, so the individuals and small companies have not been able to take advantage of them. Today, this limit does not exist anymore and everyone who is interested may get high yield fixed rate annuity from the top rated insurers through the RPBCO Wealth Management Company.

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