Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd Offers Sealing and Integrity Testing to Prevent Leakage from Rooms with Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems


Tilbury, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2019 -- A leading passive fire protection contractor, Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd offers sealing and integrity testing services that are designed to prevent leakage from rooms with gaseous fire suppression systems and ensure their effectiveness. As a part of their testing, they carry out an enclosure integrity test (also known as a room integrity test, fan test, or pressure test) whenever a system is installed and re-tested on an annual basis. The testing is carried out by certified experts who have many years of experience in testing enclosures of all sizes.

Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd's team carries out integrity testing for enclosures of sizes ranging from server rooms in offices to intensive care units in hospitals. They use the latest technological tools to carry out the necessary volumetric calculations and tests. Businesses or buildings managers looking for air sealing services can contact the team at Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd for more information.

Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd is one of the most recognised passive fire protection contractors in the UK. Their team of experienced professionals combine their knowledge and expertise to provide their customers with high quality services at competitive prices. In addition to air sealing services, Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd also offers other services such as cavity barriers, fire doors, fire rated hoardings, fire walls, firestopping solutions and other passive fire protection methods.

Talking about their air sealing and testing services, a representative from Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd stated, "The use of gaseous fire extinguishing systems to provide protection for computer and plant rooms is essential, given the consequences of fire damage and downtime for such critical equipment. For a fire suppression system to work, the room must be well sealed, so the gaseous agent does not escape causing the fire to re-ignite. It may be a requirement of the Clients Insurance Company to revalidate the protection provided to the space."

About Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd
Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd is a specialist contractor working across from the initial survey through to the design, supply and installation of a wide range of forms of passive fire protection, be it within a new build, refurbishment or upgrading project, or as part of the change of use of a property. Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd is accredited by the largest running and most recognised independent third-party certifier schemes for passive fire protection installation in the United Kingdom - FIRAS, run by Warrington Fire Research Station.

For more information, please visit: https://www.hillmoorefire.co.uk/Services/Air-Sealing

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