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Hill's Drug Store Offers Personal Injury Attorney Collections


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- Hill's Drug Store is an all-service pharmacy in San Antonio that provides a wide variety of services for its customers. Besides being one of the most comprehensive medical supply stores in San Antonio, Hill's Drug Store also offers a service many other drug stores do not: personal injury attorney collection for victims of accidents or illnesses.

When a victim files a personal injury claim, he or she may have to wait months or even years to settle the matter and receive payment. In the meantime, Hill's Drug Store can ensure that these victims receive the medication and medical supplies that they need without having to pay for them out-of-pocket.

The way that Hill's Drug Store, located on the web at , is able to allow personal injury victims to receive medication and needed supplies is by offering a service in which the store collects the amounts due from the personal injury attorney through an agreement with the attorney's office. This agreement is known as a Letter of Protection and binds the attorney's office to payment of the sums agreed upon for distribution of medication, sales of medical supplies or wheelchair rental in San Antonio.

The Letter of Protection is a legal, binding document that holds the attorney and the victim accountable for certain payments. It is important that anyone who is considering a Letter of Protection understand the implications and responsibilities of this document before purchasing drugs, wheelchairs, supplies or diabetic shoes in San Antonio from Hill's Drug Store.

For those who have suffered an injury or illness, Hill's Drug Store can help victims acquire the medication and supplies they need. As one of the area's most prominent drug stores, Hill's Drug Store is recognized throughout the area for friendly service and a full range of stock and supplies.

About Hill's Drug Store
Hill's Drug Store is a full service community pharmacy as well as a medical supply store selling scooters in San Antonio along with wheelchairs, diabetic shoes and more. Hill's Drug Store can work with any customer to ensure patients have the supplies and medication they need.

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