Hines Electrical & Security Encourages New Zealand Residents to Make Summer Security Preparations

As summer approaches, residential crime rates often show an uptick. The home security professionals at Hines encourage people to assess their security needs during this pivotal time of year.


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- As summer nears in New Zealand, it’s time for residents to begin evaluating their home security methods, according to the Auckland alarms and security professionals at Hines Electrical & Security. The company encourages people in New Zealand to take the necessary measures to prevent against home invasions and robberies, which typically occur at particularly high levels during the summer. According to the team at Hines, the best course of action is the installation of a professional home alarm monitoring system.

During the summer, crime in the country tends to be at a high level because many people travel during these months, giving burglars the perfect opportunity to target homes where the residents are away. With a monitored alarm system, even when on vacation residents of a home can enjoy monitoring of the property at all times, through the use of a smartphone.

The technologically-advanced monitoring systems from Hines allow homeowners to check everything from alarm activations to viewing who has entered or left the home in a period of time.

“If you’re away at any time during the summer, it can be a stressful experience, because many homeowners are concerned about their home and their property,” said Dom Hines, Managing Director for Hines Electrical & Security. “With a monitored alarm system, you’re not only getting the peace of mind of a home security system, but you’re also able to keep track of every single thing going on at your home while you’re away, which is tremendously valuable. It’s not only great for when you’re away on vacation, but even just during the workday, or if you have children who are home alone.”

In addition to considering the installation of a monitored home alarm, the security team at Hines is also prompting local residents to do a thorough inspection of their homes, for any potential points of weakness that can serve as an easy entry for burglars and home invaders, and also to develop comprehensive family safety plans.

“You never know what can happen within the blink of an eye, and that’s why we’re continuously working with the community to encourage them to be proactive when it comes to the safety of their family and their home,” said Hines. “Summer is a great time to renew these efforts, and get the entire family involved in emergency planning.”

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