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Hip Hop Artist Major D Releases Newest Album with a Slapping Track for Hip Hop Listeners


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- Major D, one of the rising names in Hip Hop music industry, is proud and thrilled to have his newest album to have been released in the market just this December 1, 2015. The music track was a major success and listeners have nothing but praise for this new album by Major D.

The artist behind this newest craze of a hip hop album is Major D, who hailed from California and a very driven artist especially when it comes to his music. He describes himself to be someone passionate and charismatic with a very distinctive approach when it comes to his own blend of hip hop music. For quite a long time, he had been in a hiatus. But right now, here he is with a new album track for all his listeners borne from his newfound energy and the unique style he obtained after all those years he has been inactive.

As he said in one of his interviews, "It is all about connecting with listeners through high-impact release, uplifting melodies and a thought-provoking lyrical flow." As his claim, this is his newfound style of music that he wants to share in his new track, THE REYES. According to one of Major D's interviews following his one year hiatus, he said that he has taken that time in cultivating this style and creating better music for all his listeners all over the world. He has also mentioned that people such as Wiz Khalifa, J.Cole, 2pac and even world leaders Barack Obama and Angela Merkel has been his inspiration in life and of course in his music.

Being one of the influential names in the world of hip hop, the only advice he has for those who are trying to break in this industry to simple enjoy what they do and to never stop learning. In this industry, there will simply are many things that one can learn from fellow artists, from the producers and even from the listeners as well. It definitely is the best thing that one should always be open for opportunities and lessons are always there to come by.

Major D's newest album had been his long awaited reintroduction to the music industry as he had been gone for quite a long while. Because of that, many of his fans are definitely anxious about his new album. Nevertheless, it came out alright as his fans have nothing but words of praise and congratulations being nothing but a slapping track they could listen for the whole day.

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