Rico Rossi

Hip Hop Artist Rico Rossi Reaches out to Fans with His Updated Website

Hip Hop Artist Rico Rossi will make an appearance with Baby Bash on November 10th in Salt Lake City,UT and has completely revamped his web site to make it easier to stay in touch with fans and friends.


Vallejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- Rico Rossi is a San Francisco Bay Area Hip Hop Artist has recently updated, and revamped his website, RicoRossi.com , to give his audience and friends a more interesting and multimedia graphical experience. Some new features allows for ticket sales for his upcoming events. Rossi will be appearing at The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT on November 10th with Baby Bash, after having a great concert in Anchorage, Alaska on October 19th. Rossi has also recently launched a new album, “Take Em Down”.

About Rico Rossi
Rico Rossi began his career in music over 10 years ago and has taken on many roles in the industry, becoming one of the go-to men in the Bay Area Hip-Hop scene. His deep familiarity with the production process; the art of audio engineering, marketing & promotions, as well as the functioning of the radio world, have all helped Rossi poise himself to be one of the Bay’s rising Hip-Hop entrepreneurs.

With his desire to have a complete knowledge of the industry, Rossi decided to start with the basics and educated himself in audio engineering: “You need to understand all the basics of the industry you’re trying to get involved with,” says Rossi. “If you want to be in Hip-Hop that means you have to understand how the sound works first, even before you try to create it.”

Eventually satis-fied with his ability to understand the science behind the sound of music, Rossi took the next logical direction and began to make he music. His first accom-plishment was learning the craft of production, and as his production began to catch the attention of his friends in the industry, Rossi began to frequent the studio with such known artists; Akon, Pitbull, Nick Cannon, B2K, Baby Bash, Frankie J, and many more.

These encounters helped Rossi to not only produce records, but to mix and master the records he created. This allowed artists to leave the studio with a completely finished record. This ability quickly helped the Bay area native to develop a reputation as a producer. This complete understanding of the music creation process set Rossi apart and continues to do so today. “Everything plays off each other,” comments Rossi. “You can be one of the best beat makers in the industry but if you can’t mix and master the record well you could make your production lose all of its impact. I wanted to make sure I could do it all so that it got done with every aspect in mind from the beginning.”

Now able to create a complete record, the next logical step became to learn how to promote and market it fully, Rossi has helped several artists to promote their projects and soon began producing large shows throughout the country. “Artists were always asking me about who was putting on the most well-known shows and I decided there was no reason that it shouldn’t be me,” shares Rossi. Rossi organized large Hip-Hop shows with Bone Thugs n Har-mony, E-40, Too $hort, Brian McKnight, Fat Joe, Jeremih, Baby Bash, and other artists.

Not many understand the process as completely as Rossi does, and it is this ability that has helped drive Rossi to the forefront of the Bay area Hip-Hop movement. “I want to be one of the biggest forces from the Bay Area in the next few years,” says Rossi. “I want to be the guy who can do it all.”

Please click here to learn more about Rico Rossi, buy tickets to his upcoming events and see his new revamped website: http://www.ricorossi.com/

To listen to Rico Rossi perform please click on this link now: Rico Rossi - Take Em Down ft. Too $hort, Baby Bash

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