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Hip Hop Comedian Releases Controversial New Video Featuring Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- ARI is a hip-hop artist, an artist in the true sense of the word. Drawing from what author Susan Hitchcock writes in her cultural history of Frankenstein, the release of Celebrity Women may offer “a lesson in the difference between artist and artwork, between meaning – the artist’s consciously intended message—and significance—all the other messages and ideas assigned to a work of art once it has been shared with the world.” As ARI raps in the song “Celebrity Women”, he intends to make money. But ARI is social commentator as well as a comedian. The video becomes a mirror, its lyrics and acting antics reflecting an aspect of popular culture that exploits sex and mind-altering substances simply to “make money”.

How easy it is to sing along to alluring words, an enthralling beat, without fully being conscious of the message that is easing its way into your mind. Consider the hundreds of thousands of youth that absorb cultural messages this way, messages parents may never intend for their children to take in. When young males look at a video such as Beyonce’s “Drunken Love,” what is their likely response? “Yes, I want to sex that one.” The industry is ruthless, and amoral, when it comes to making money. None of this is lost on ARI. His art is his response to the meaninglessness and mire of the industry in which he and other artists hope to make their living.

When Celebrity Women was released as a single on iTunes the catchy beat and clever lyrics drew little ire from fans. The music video, released on Thursday, June 12, caused immediate controversy. Some were shocked and surprised by the representation of their favorite celebrities. Some saw the video as a comedic spoof; a parody. There were those who were entirely offended, while others took it as hilariously funny. What will viewers think when ARI drops his next one, “Can we have a Threesome?”

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