Cell Tower Lease

Hire Com-Serve, a Leading Cell Tower Lease Expert for Higher Profit


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- Com-Serve is a U.S.-based consulting firm that offers its expert advisory and guidance for the correct evaluation of any Cell site. The company provides an initial free consultation service in which it helps the clients know the correct valuation of the property which they have given on lease for the establishment of any Cell tower.

The norms and procedures are very complex and time consuming, however, Com-Serve's experienced Cell tower lease expert staff with their extensive knowledge in the sector guide their clients with legal advices and helpful information to complete any Cell tower lease deal in the most secured manner.

Spokesperson for Com-Serve said, “Understanding what the Cell tower lease rates are and finding a Cell Tower Expert to help negotiate for you is a must in this day and age. Many buyout companies such as Landmark Dividend, Black Dot Wireless and Unision Site Management have offered clients a Cell Tower Buyout agreement/"

However, as he adds, "The under-pricing is a major issue, this is where our services come into play because it's our job to fight for our clients and get them a more fairer deal for a Cell tower lease. Contact us today and have one of our cell tower experts give you a free consultation. Com-Serve has a skilled team of Cell tower lease experts who have the ability to compare what is actually on owner's rooftop versus what the cell site lease stipulates.

This will lead clients to have a better understanding of what currently is on the rooftop and what should be on the rooftop. It's extremely important for a lessee to understand what the going Cell tower lease rates are for his/her area and property. It's equally important to have a solid understanding of what terms one should agree to or not agree to.

Com-Serve can help with the evaluation and determine a fair market value of the property one intend to give on lease to a Cell Tower company.

About Com-Serve
Com-Serve was established to provide best of class consulting services for their clients. They take pride in their ability to provide the highest quality of services regardless of the size or type of client. The company was established in 1997, shortly after the 1996 Telecommunications Act. It has helped many individual landowners and organizations maximize revenues and reduce risks on a nationwide. They have helped clients in all 50 States, including Alaska and Hawaii.