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Vista, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2020 -- Estolano Law is a Chula Vista law firm that primarily focuses on family law, divorce, child custody criminal defense, and immigration. Ray Estolano, the firm's founder, is a former prosecutor with extensive experience in family cases, including divorces, child custody disputes, and legal separations. He has ten years of experience, including many heavily litigated trials and hearings. Ray Estolano established Estolano Law in the year 2009 as a way to serve the community that he grew up in. Estolano Law is located a few blocks from the courthouse and across the street from the Chula Vista mall.

"Ray Estolano, the founder of Estolano Law, is a Spanish speaking trial attorney with two decades of experience. He has been a prosecutor and now represents victims in family law, immigration, and criminal defense cases," commented the company spokesperson. "He went into private practice in the year 2005 and has since represented individuals in family law, criminal defense and immigration cases. Estolano Law has had success in each of these three areas. We are client-based, and our philosophy is to settle when it's in the client's best interest. Still, we have successfully litigated long, and complex trials in each area, and Ray Estolano is recognized for his legal excellence."

A DUI or a violation of California Penal Code 23152 can severely impact individuals' life with increased insurance costs, license suspension, and possible jail time. It's essential to have a lawyer that is experienced in DUI Law and who can explain to the individual's options. As a former prosecutor, Ray Estolano has the experience to represent individuals both in criminal court and before the Department of Motor Vehicles. As a prosecutor, Ray Estolano litigated many drug offenses ranging from possession to trafficking. He takes every case equally seriously, be it a truck loaded with drugs or a simple person possession case. As the top San Diego criminal attorney, Ray Estolano will help the individual find his/ her best solution to their drug charges.

"We represent our clients regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, and gender," commented the company spokesperson. "Whether the clients stay in Utah, Japan, or here in San Diego, we can help them with immigration matters. Besides, at Estolano Law, our prices are designed to be cost-effective for the working family. We need to have a consultation before quoting a price, but they'll find that our rates are very competitive."

A divorce lawyer can help victims of divorce determine the grounds necessary for filing a divorce case. He/she can tell whether or not clients qualify for summary dissolution. In California, separation is mostly termed as the dissolution of marriage. The latter helps to make work easier. With the help of divorce lawyers, the partners may not appear in court because they have come into agreement on how the divorce process will be conducted. But, there are many options in how their divorce may be handled. They can decide to have full or limited attorney representation. Individuals faced with divorce lawsuits should contact a divorce lawyer in Chula Vista for legal assistance and representation.

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Estolano Law is a California-based law firm that has, for years, been helping residents with family law, immigration law, and criminal defense lawsuits. When individuals are in danger of being removed from the USA, they need to go to the immigration office in Chula Vista to hire a lawyer that will stand up for their rights. Estolano Law has the required experience in fighting in court to ensure that clients and their loved ones are defended.