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HireTeamMate Launches Effective Recruiting Services

Helps professionals make a mark with their specific skills and talents


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2016 -- HireTeamMate has launched personalized job search services that candidates can make the most out of and work towards fulfilling careers.

It's not difficult to realize that there is an intensely competitive job market out there. There are many talented individuals who don't even get a look in for the jobs that they might be good at because their CV is either lost in the pile or doesn't make it through the right sources. But what if there was a service that would match a candidate with an employer for a job profile that works out to be an ideal situation for both?

That's exactly what HireTeamMate facilitates and gives professionals from different fields much needed boost. To begin with, the process is quite simple and convenient. Moreover it offers professionals an opportunity to personalize their search. Hence they can actually be desired for the skills and talents they have to offer. They also have an opportunity to contact founders and hiring managers directly, which is an added advantage.

HireTeamMate is a Virtual Cloud Recruiter that offers highly personalized services to professionals. The reason the job search service is so prompt and effective, is that everything it does is backed up in artificial intelligence and modern technology. In fact, it prides on the use of the latest efficient means and of course, experience of its recruiters to offer the best possible services to its clients.

Professionals looking for jobs are not the only ones who can benefit from the services of the company. Being a startup company itself, HireTeamMate realizes what other startups look for. It takes the weight of recruiting, marketing and vetting for its clients so that they can concentrate on the actual hiring. It also charges them flat rates across the board so that they don't end up paying astronomical amounts for its services.

From being a private career coach for professionals to being the Startup hub where different startups can share their stories, issues and experiences; HireTeamMate has become a comprehensive resource for many in different industries.

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