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HireTeamMate Launches New Virtual Recruiter Platform Features on Jan. 1, 2016


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2016 -- Included in HireTeamMate's new release will be a Startup Hub to support the startup jobs community with a product discovery blog and reviews of each of the Startup's teams. As a startup, HireTeamMate is cognizant of the value of affordable and accessible hiring. In the first six months since the company's launch, 72,000 applicants joined, with on-site interviews of approximately one per day.

"It's like your proactive, private career agent," said HireTeamMate CEO, Steven Jiang. "We already know you and the market. You get to choose the company and position."

The company's newest version is designed to improve the relevance and subsequent chances for quick hiring success within jobs for which applicants apply. The site has had almost 13,000 resumes viewed by hiring companies and their teams and 86 percent of applicants who were interviewed on-site were hired.

HireTeamMate is available for employers and those seeking a variety of positions. The firm offers a P2P hiring platform utilizing matchmakers and talent scouts who perform marketing and recruitment for positions. The process is conducted completely online for savings in time and money, with the firm working as a personal hiring manager.

Applicants have direct, VIP access to hiring managers and teammates, with 87.6 percent of applications receiving feedback within a day. Easy to use, the site provides job seekers with one-click application for jobs and profile to resume syncing. Job seekers can download the firm's Android and iOS mobile apps for convenience.

The firm's unique recruiting software simplifies and automates the recruitment and talent acquisition process. When a company posts a position, a collaborative hiring committee is created to accelerate the search for candidates with the desired set of skills and attributes. HireTeamMate matches talent from locations to which in-house recruiters don't have access.

The firm connects directly with hiring teams, providing information about available applicants that most closely matches the desired set of skills and attributes. Candidates are placed through a stringent filtering and screening process by professionals within specific areas of expertise, with a focus on quality applicants rather than quantity.

The launch of HireTeamMate's new features provides a one-stop resource for job seekers and employers that save time and money. The company vets candidates to provide employers with top talent that best fits their needs, while significantly improving an individual's chances of employment success.

About HireTeamMate
HireTeamMate automates recruiting and simplifies job searches. We tap into the cloud to automate recruiting with data-driven filtering of unqualified candidates to deliver good candidates. We also tap into the crowd with talent scouts who are trained semi-professional recruiters who do the marketing and peer-recruiting for the openings you put on our site, leveraging their own networks to get you the person who is a good fit. You can save time, money, and everything is online. You can see all the applicants, notes, and schedule phone screenings and interviews in our application tracking system. Try us before you buy us. Posting a job is free once you sign our Service Agreement. Our hiring process takes on average only two weeks and we charge a flat fee per successful hire with a 90-day guarantee. None of the ridiculous 30 percent first-year salary stuff.

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