HisCoShelters.com Offering Free Shipping for Next 10 Days on Its Portable Garage Collection

HisCoShelters.com, the online representation of the renowned Washington-based portable garage constructor


Snohomish, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- HisCoShelters.com, the online representation of the renowned Washington-based portable garage constructor, Larry is now offering free shipping for next 10 days on its portable garage collection. The collection includes the canopy garages of diverse sizes, ranging from a mere 10 inches to bulky 30 inches.

The idea of shipping the light to bulky canopy garages without charging a penny is focusing on making the overall deal affordable to the customers. Also, there are no hidden charges involved, as assured by a spokesperson of HisCoShelters.com.

Furthermore, HisCoShelters.com ensures its range of tent garages to be of heavy duty and fully enclosed. The company’s spokesperson further states, “Our portable canopy garages are made of high grade steel, and features a solid rib design for quick and easy cover installation, fitted triple-layer for protecting the tent against water and further enhancing illumination, as well as UV-Treated Inside-and-Out and Easy Slide Cross Rail System.”

Customers can request for free quotes for the portable garages directly by visiting HisCoShelters.com. They can further shop for other ranges of products offered by the company. The products include RV Garage Shelter, Boat Shelter Cover, Commercial Shelters, amongst others.

Customers can simply order the RV shelters and garages using HisCoShelters.com safe and secure online transaction process. Larry makes sure to ship the product within 7-14 days anywhere within the US, Alaska and Canada. The products also come with attractive 2, 5, and 10 year prorated warranties, ensuring Larry’s reliability above all.

About HisCoShelters.com
HisCoShelters.com offers instant canopies, portable garages, instant garages, tents garage, greenhouses and commercial protective enclosures. They provide solutions for protecting clients’ valuable investments from the elements and sun damage. These shelters and customized garages are ideal to cover and protect the RV, boat, car, motorcycle, lawn equipment, and tools or create a temporary outdoor area for residential, commercial or agricultural uses. All their shelters and garages require fewer investments and can be built quickly compared to permanent wood structure.

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