ApplenMicro Publishes Chocolate Crinkles Recipe to Amazon Kindle


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 --, a new web page for anyone who loves cooking and trying out new recipes has today announced that their new step-by-step photo recipe book with chocolate crinkles recipe has been published on Amazon.

This photo recipe book is great addition to the main project of website, which can be the first place for anyone who wants to start cooking.

Chocolate Crinkles Recipe, which is now officially published on Amazon, offers detailed instructions for preparing this delicious dessert. Each and every step of preparing has been covered with a photo, from the list of ingredients through the mixing, stirring, baking and serving at the end. This format of a recipe simply guarantees that anyone can follow it and prepare a delicious meal or dessert, even if he is a complete newbie in the kitchen.

“I wish I had been provided with step-by-step photo recipes like the ones I'm now offering through my website But instead of that, I had to go through the more difficult route, by following traditional recipes which in general lack of details and useful advices. That's why I have started website that provides its users with much detailed and more useful recipes." said Thomas Miller, founder of website and author of all recipes contained on the website.

Miller also stated that he hopes this type of detailed and affordable recipes will help people to start preparing their own meals and desserts much often, which is the main purpose of his work. "Chocolate Crinkles Recipe is just one of my step-by-step photo recipe books and I will not stop there. I hope people will recognize the effort that we have put in preparing these recipes and will start cooking by following them, especially those who didn't cook before. These recipes are ideal for them." said Miller and invited people to visit his website - as well as his Amazon's Author page.

Chocolate Crinkles Recipe book can be purchased through its official Amazon page here.

About is a website dedicated to cooking and preparing delicious meals in your own kitchen. Founder of this website, Thomas Miller, publishes only his own recipes, prepared by himself, so readers are getting only tested and proven recipes, along with useful tips and advices for preparing better meals. One of special activities of website is publishing of detailed step-by-step photo recipes on Amazon Kindle.

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