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Historic Heritage Coins Has Offered a New Series of Unusual Coins


Postrizin, Czech Republic -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2016 -- Unusual coins are of amazing popularity with people, who value and collect historic items. This is because they are specially issued to commemorate certain events and occasions in the history of mankind. As a rule, such coins are issued in limited amounts, which makes them even more valuable and rare. Realizing the historic value of unusual and commemorative coins and customers' demand for them, Historic Heritage Coins has offered a number of new and unique lots.

Historic Heritage Coins is a trusted web-based platform, which offers unusual and commemorative coins for sale. The company, which is based in Czech Republic, has already gained reputation with thousands of people from different countries of the world, who shop for historic heritage coins either at their official website or at eBay, where they also offer their lots to people, who are fond of collecting these items.

Apart from offering commemorative coins, Historic Heritage Coins also offers other lots, including Medals and Photos that depict historic events. Each lot comes with the detailed description to make the potential customers aware of what they are going to purchase. For the convenience of users, they have subdivided the lots into several categories that can be viewed at the website any time of the day. This notably simplifies the search and makes it more convenient and timesaving. Users may also look through the new lots, which have recently been added to the collection.

The assortment of coins the company offers to its clients enlists more than 2000 items. This, however, does not prevent Historic Heritage Coins from adding new lots, each of which is distinguished by high quality, historic value and excellent design. Thus, the company has recently offered the new series of coins with ships called "Russian Arctic Territories". All in all, there are 12 coins in the series, which come at affordable cost. The coins depict a number of glorious Russian ships, which are known all over the world. These include the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, the battle cruiser Pyotr Velikiy, the battleship "Novorossiysk", the battleship Marat/Kliment Voroshilov, the battleship Potemkin, the cruiser Aurora, the cruiser Ochakov/Lieutenant Schmidt, the cruiser Varyag – Vsevolod Rudnev, the nuclear icebreaker Lenin, the steamship Chelyuskin/Otto Schmidt, the submarine Kursk K-141 and the WWII S-13 submarine Alexander Marinesko.

Other series also are of certain educational interest. Some events, depicted on these coins, throw light on not widely known historic facts, such as Russian protectorate over Hawaii, Russian possession of Alaska, contribution in history of California or German exploration of Antarctic continent.

People who collect sailing ship coins will find interesting "Russian Overseas Territories" unusual coins serie, with famous sailing ships, outstanding personalities and historic dates. And this will definitely encourage collectors to learn more.

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About Historic Heritage Coins
Historic Heritage Coins is a popular and trustworthy site, which offers items that feature great historic value for sale. The company is located in Czech Republic and has more than 14 years of experience in the business. During this time, they have won excellent reputation with people, who collect these items. The assortment of lots they offer is quite amazing and includes commemorative coins, photos, medals, banknotes and even amber. The lots are available both at the official site of the company and at eBay 24/7.

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Contact Person: Evžen Starodubov
Address: Postrizin 250 70, P.O. Box 304, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 731 181 759