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Historic Thriller Glimpse of Sunlight Exposes 'Untold Story' of Adventurer Jonathan Dickinson

Already a Kindle bestseller, ‘Glimpse of Sunlight’ is Book #1 of a compelling new trilogy reeling with pirates, earthquakes and history. Written by Leona DeRosa Bodie and G.E. Gardiner, with illustrations by acclaimed maritime artist Steven Witucki, the story thrusts readers deep into a 17th Century Caribbean crisis.


Port St. Lucie, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- Once shipwrecked off the Southeast coast of Florida in 1696, Jamaican-born Jonathan Dickinson pursued a tumultuous life before eventually becoming the mayor of Philadelphia. While his story has been mostly lost in the history books, a thrilling new trilogy by two Florida authors is finally bringing his many adventures back to life.

‘'Glimpse of Sunlight’ by Leona DeRosa Bodie and G.E. Gardiner is book 1 of that story, guaranteeing to carry readers, on the edge of their seat's journey, from Ghana West Africa and County Cork Ireland to Jamaica, as they experience a hostile environment, devastating natural disasters, and the dangers of living among the Pirates, in the wickedest city in the world. When the slave meets a pirate, a prostitute, and a merchant, it will forever alter the course of their lives. Their stories and the overall perseverance of the Jamaican people forever capture the power of the human spirit in this incredible tale.


A brilliant marine archaeologist... A needy college student... A ruthless tycoon... In 1696 the sailing ship Mystique sank and took with it Jonathan Dickinson's gold, diamonds, and a treasury of riches. Now the wreck believed to be the Mystique remains shrouded in mystery until an ancient journal sheds light on its location, but a dispute over ownership blocks the excavation. In a fight against time with the threat of Jamaica's colorful past overpowering the present, three powerful men lay claim to the sunken treasure. The struggle that ensues pits them against one another as 400 years of Jamaica's brutal history is revealed. In a sweeping saga stretching back to 17th Century Africa and the British Isles, these three adventurers and their forebears-an ex-slave, a notorious pirate and a wealthy merchant-battle for ownership of the treasure and are drawn into the grit and greed of 17th Century Port Royal, Jamaica the wickedest city known to mankind. When their pursuit leads to chaos, kidnapping and murder, the question becomes, who will prevail?

“Nearly 400 years after the quake and tsunami disaster, the victims in this novel really tells a story never been told to an international audience,” says Bodie. “We’ve melded history and fiction to give readers of all ages a chance to personally experience the perils, especially those faced one of our nation’s most interesting and influential figures. The problem is that, up until now, none have given Dickinson the attention he deserves prior to his shipwreck.”

“To bring the story to life,” Gardiner says, “we engaged maritime artist Steven Witucki and he’s produced a series of stunning images to really engross readers and put them in the middle of the action.”

Reviews for the novel have been overwhelmingly positive. Mackenzie Lucas, award-winning author of “To Have and To Hold,” states, “I fell in love with the characters...wonderfully compelling story.” Richard R. Blake of Reader Views says the novel is “sure to add new fans to the growing number of enthusiasts of the works of both authors.” These pirates are bound to steal your heart.

‘Glimpse of Sunlight’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1hxz1BC.

For more information, visit: http://www.jonathandickinson.org.

About the Authors
Leona DeRosa Bodie is the award-winning author of the Caribbean thriller “Shadow Cay.” After teaching high school English and a stint in private industry, she decided the novel churning in her brain for fifteen years really deserved her attention. So she left her job to sail and write full-time. Leona is the Florida Writers Association’s Regional Director and past VP.

G.E. Gardiner spent his first career founding and running several small businesses. In 1997, a hemorrhagic brain stem stroke put him in the hospital for 6½ weeks. Seven years later, he began writing to strengthen his brain. G.E. also leads a Florida Writers Association group. His YA science fiction novella, Legend the Paribell: Setarien Priestess, will be published this spring.

“Glimpse of Sunlight” (ISBN: 9780989624756, WRB Publishing, 2014) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit www.JonathanDickinson.org. Review copies available upon request. The authors are available for interviews, workshops and book signings.