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Historical Hungarian Wine Region Badacsony Opens to the Public


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Hungarian born Miklos Nagy plans to develop vineyards located in famous wine regions of the world into luxurious properties and plans to open them to tourists and wine enthusiasts.

Miklos Nagy has a dream to deliver an array of private and luxurious fractional ownership properties in the heart of many historical wine regions. He wants to start in his own birthplace, Hungary.

Miklos was born in Hungary but has been living in Ontario, Canada for the past 27 years. He has been working in the banking and financial advisory business his whole life. However, he and his family have always dreamed of developing and opening properties in wine regions all over the world.

His first project will be located in Badacsonyors, in a famous Hungarian wine region with its wine-making history dating back almost 2,000 years to Roman times. Badacsonyors is located in the southwestern slope of Oregy Hegy (“Old Hill” or “Old Mountain”), beside Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe and is flocked by many tourists. The ancient Roman military road between Rome and Aquincum in the Roman province of Pannonia can still be seen in the town of Badacsony.

The most popular wine in this region is the Pinot Gris and is considered one of the best wines in Hungary.

Miklos chose a 2-acre land in the town of Badacsonyors, which has a panoramic view of Lake Balaton and the volcanically formed Badacsony Mountain. He chose Badacsonyors for its sub-Mediterranean climate, its close proximity to Lake Balaton and its famous wine: Badacsonyi Szurkebarat (Pinot Gris). Tourists and guests can enjoy hot, dry summers and go to nearby beaches, the long and warm springs and falls, and a mild winters.

Miklos has launched a crowd-funding campaign through Indiegogo in order to start developments of the property and using it as a showcase before they open other properties in other wine regions in France, Italy and Argentina. These properties will be sold as fractional ownership units to high net-worth individuals who are primarily wine enthusiasts or would just like to enjoy spending periods of times each year in historical wine regions all over the world.

The properties will be located on vineyards and developed with luxury in mind. According to Miklos, the fractional owners will relax “…in the midst of historic wine regions close to a lake or the Mediterranean Sea with sandy beaches, excellent hiking opportunities, great cuisine and restaurants and close to many attractions.”

The property has already been designed by a well-known architect. The house will be built from stone, with three levels: wine cellar (area: approximately 124 sq. meters), main floor area (approximately 85 sq. meters) and loft (approximately 54 sq. meters).

In return to the contributions, Miklos will be closing the property for 10 years to exclusively accommodate backers’ reservations.